UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan meets Young Residents of UAE to celebrate World Youth Day 2023

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UAE President Sheikh Mohamed

An interactive session was held between UAE President Sheikh Mohamed and young residents of UAE to celebrate World Youth Day and discuss their progress and plan.

World Youth Day is celebrated each year on 12th August, to celebrate the achievements of students, recognize their issues and manage to motivate them for futuristic goals. International Youth Day is aimed to create mindfulness about the issues confronted by young people as well as the challenges around the world to promote their potential.

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World Youth Day and Youth Demographic Representation

In UAE,  a significant demographic representation of the entire population is made up of youngsters who need education, healthy mindsets, and fitness. UAE President Sheikh Mohamed was very eager to listen to the diverse ideologies and futuristic visions of each individual where most of the youngsters were expressing their ambitious project ideas.

The royal was greeting many young women and men and held discussions with the entire group, to seek insights into the mindsets of young individuals in the society. These young individuals will form the basis of UAE’s future technological, economic, business, political, and social prosperity.

UAE President Sheikh Mohamed
UAE President Sheikh Mohamed Meets Young Residents of UAE

He further expressed his pride and happiness regarding the student’s achievements and progress and extended the same to their families. Moreover, he expressed that these young ones are blessed with brilliant minds who will eventually become the future of the nation. While expressing his happiness, UAE President Sheikh Mohamed revealed his optimism for future meetings to be held with young people from all over UAE.

In order to mark the International Day Celebration, videos were released on social media to show the importance of education and the relative importance of focusing attention on youth.

During the meeting with youngsters, UAE President considered the recommendations to counterfeit challenges faced at the national level thereby considering the emerging opportunities. He further went upon saying that, UAE seeks innovative and valuable ideas from its residents and citizens to make it the best place to live.

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UAE President Sheikh Mohamed shows pride and feels happy for the young residents, is very optimistic about their future contributions.

UAE seeks Innovative Ideas and Valuable Insights from its Youngsters

The discussion regarding future plans, developmental areas in UAE, principles followed traditionally, and current socio-cultural customs and boundaries were taken into consideration during the meeting. Furthermore, UAE President Sheikh Mohamed highlighted the importance of positive role models in managing to shape the optimistic personalities of young ones. Moreover, he explained further that optimistic values help in guiding youngsters in becoming responsible and accountable individuals.

The world is evolving and in that process of transition, there are numerous challenges emerging each day. However, if UAE maintains a long-term vision in a well-defined manner, through a major contribution from its residents and citizens. The unwavering willpower of youngsters and enthusiasm are essential elements for achieving this long-term vision.

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Young Residents of UAE in a meeting session with UAE President Sheikh Mohamed

Important lessons from Covid-19 Pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic has affected global economies tremendously, posed threats and challenges as well as provided a new direction for advancement. In due course of time more innovative ways of obtaining water and food security by execution of detoxification, and desalination for the cultivation of wheat and rice.

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed al Nahyan further explained that he forestalls a significant development in attaining food security is estimated by him owing to the current advancements being made. Furthermore, he offered best wishes to the young generation of UAE on his World Youth Day scheduled meeting for their endeavors and future plans.

UAE President Sheikh Mohamed shares love for the UAE’s Younger Generation on World Youth Day

He further believes that they are these students and the young generation is a representative of the entire nation and is undoubtedly the real investment in the UAE. While delivering the speech he explained his happiness and privilege to spend time with the future of the nation.

Moreover, the efficient role of teachers is highlighted in managing to provide direction to their students and enforce them to plan their adventures in the right manner. Teachers are role models for students; therefore, a constructive and optimistic role model will serve as the most effective guide, support, and direction for students who are still learning and progressing.

It is indeed the duty and responsibility of teachers to nurture dreams in students and inculcate in them the concepts of accountability and transparency to be able to achieve their visions proactively through positive reinforcement.

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Sheikh Mohamad congratulates and shows his happiness in the achievements and prosperity of the young generation of UAE.

Some of these young people have completed their school and continuing further studies while some have taken a break to experience their learnings and set up businesses that they think will be part of the emerging business, economic or socio-cultural development.

With great blessings and happiness, the meeting concluded, that May God fulfill all the dreams, and plans through this tremendous journey of building a future that will ultimately benefit the country.

He further explained in a lovely kind manner that these youngsters are like his children and he is truly obliged to have such an amazing zealous and determined young generation in UAE.

Sheikh Mohamed posed for a group picture with some of the country’s brightest and best young talents at the event where he personally congratulated each child on their achievements.

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A group photo of the UAE President with the Young residents of UAE, while celebrating a proud moment on World Youth Day

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