Top 5 UAE News – Oman offers citizenship, Visa-free travel, Saudi Tax Reform, Massive Dubai Metro Expansion, and much more along with the announcement of the UAE 2024 Holidays.

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Top 5 UAE News

Top 5 UAE News this week includes a discussion on Oman offering citizenship, massive Dubai Metro Expansion, Saudi Tax Reform changes, and UAE Holiday announcements for 2024.

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  • UAE Public holidays for the year 2024 have been announced. The dates for the major holidays for the next year include Eid Al Fitr, Eid Al Adha, and National Day celebrations.
  • Furthermore, amongst the major 54 countries that offer visa-free travel to China, Qatar and UAE are featured.
  • In addition to the above latest UAE News updates, major changes in Saudia Arabian income tax reforms are in development, where authorities strategize revenue-raising processes for the country.
  • Meanwhile, new year plans have been revealed by the Kuwaiti government, whereas Oman is offering citizenship to expats, and major Metro Upgrades are underway as Dubai released the latter news during the week.
  • Times are changing and so are the needs of people. With more new developmental projects, changes in governing strategies and strengthening geopolitical ties mean an elevation of economic stability.
Top 5 UAE News
There have been many new major developments in Dubai, the latest news reveals great changes in travel policies, announcements of UAE Public Holidays, Kuwaiti Government news, and Saudi Arabian strategic developments. These new developments all came up as great and positive progress news

UAE Public Holidays for New Year 2024

UAE Public Holidays are announced this week for the residents to plan their year ahead of time.

UAE Public Holidays have been announced for the new year 2024, in a cabinet meeting held this Tuesday. The major public and private sector holidays were announced including those for Eid Ul Fitr and Eid Ul Adha. The Cabinet meeting was held for the purpose of enhancement of work organization in the private and government sectors.

Additionally, the aim of this resolution is to enable the community members in various UAE private sectors, to plan ahead of time for personal activities, travel, and holiday celebrations. The holiday planning helps in managing the travel plans, encouraging the cabinet members, and helping them plan their trips.

Top 5 UAE News
The UAE Cabinet meeting held this Tuesday announced next year’s UAE Public Holidays, which are especially for members of the cabinet and important officials along with the residents to plan their year ahead.

The National Holidays start from the 3-Day National Holiday to celebrate the true zeal of the UAE. Rejoice and maintain great memories with your loved ones during these holidays.

Visa-Free Travel to China, UAE, and Qatar are now among the 52 other countries offering visa-free entry in China.

Visa-free travel to China from UAE and Oman is the new thing in the market – being a part of the 52 countries that leverage visa-free travel to China.

UAE has developed and fostered cordial ties with neighboring countries, China has made an extension of 144-hour and 72-hour visa-free transit policies to all travelers from different 54 countries. The latest suggestion from the National Immigration Administration, Norway is the latest addition to the list of official countries entering visa-free from Norway, Oman, and UAE. Furthermore, there are four countries from South America, six from Asia, and forty countries from Europe.

Top 5 UAE News
China has opened its doors to the UAE, Oman, and Kuwait. As confirmed from the latest new developments regarding offering visa-free entry to residents in UAE, Oman, and Kuwait. The list of visa-free entrants in China includes 40 countries in Europe, 6 countries from Asia, and 4 countries from South America.

In the meanwhile, these countries that are on the approved list can also conduct business in areas that have been legally permitted under transit visa exemptions. Global ties and geopolitical progress are necessary elements for maintaining a great position globally and matching the trends in the industry.

The UAE has progressed immensely, in the fields of architecture, real estate, tourism, travel, fashion, sustainability, and many more. It has been a long journey of success and now this is a major achievement, embedded in mutual national trust and prosperity. China visa-free countries are 54 in number, and these are all friendly countries offering geopolitical friendly embarrass and further economic developments.

Everything you need to know about the Income Tax Reforms in Saudi Arabia – Top 5 UAE News

Income Tax Reforms in Saudi Arabia are changing in line with Vision 2030, aimed to reach the targeted economic growth and prosperity in the region.

Top 5 UAE News
Income Tax Reforms in Saudi Arabia are under the process of change to ensure future economic progress which is needed. Saudi Arabia has undertaken many sustainability projects and changes in its reforms to elevate economic progress to meet rapidly growing trends and global industry requirements.

Major Income Tax Reform in Saudi Arabia changes are underway, and the progress is through amendments in the “income tax law”. In addition to the aforesaid, it was seen that the ZATCA abbreviated version for Zakat, Tax, and Customer Authority has released drafted laws for ensuring the input from the public, regarding the changes in the income tax laws, which are aimed at meeting the targeted economic agenda devised for Vision 2030 based on the tax code overhaul.

200 Expats were granted Citizenship by the Oman Government

Oman Government offered citizenship to 200 expats who are already living in the Sultanate.

image 42
Oman Government offered citizenship to 201 expatriates under the Royal Decree.

Following the Royal Decree, an official announcement was expressed regarding the citizenship being offered by the Oman Government. Under the Royal Decree No 2023/83, the Oman Government granted citizenship to 201 expatriates, as issued by Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik.

Sharjah Rules Changed for Singles

Sharjah Rules to be changed for Singles living in Residential Areas

Sharjah Rules have changed the perspective for single residents living in residential areas, by tightening the rules following the government review. The meeting undertaken by the Executive Council, on Tuesday included discussions related to the code of conduct in the emirates, developmental project follow-ups, and service development in different sectors.

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