Salary Persons can get Golden Visa in UAE 2023 – Golden Visa Eligibility Criteria

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Golden Visa in Dubai

Wondering if Salary Persons can get Golden Visa in UAE? We have great news for you.

Golden Visa is a long-term self-sponsored residency permit that allows foreign investors, professionals, and students to work, live and study in the UAE. Furthermore, the visa holders have the leverage to sponsor families under this residency permit on a long-term basis. Penny Realty Real Estate brings the latest news and properties for sale in Dubai for its clients to sensibly invest for optimal profits.

How much salary should you have for Golden Visa?

The salary amount depends on the application category of the Golden Visa being applied for. You will need a salary certificate for salaries of either AED 30,000 or AED 50,000. There is a minimum salary requirement of AED 30,000 for professionals to apply for a Golden Visa. On the contrary, if you are applying under the executive director category then you need a minimum salary of AED 50,000.

Golden Visa in UAE
Golden Visa is the best long-term 10-year residency permit for residents and expats to enjoy a leisurely lifestyle and experience.

Consequently, work-related documents and educational qualifications are different for both categories.

Golden Visa for Professionals with AED 30,000 Salary

The criteria you need to meet to be able to apply for Golden Visa with AED 30,000 salary in UAE.

  • A valid employment contract is held by the applicant.
  • As per the Emiratisation (MOHRE) classification and the Ministry of Human Resources, applicants should be classified at the first or second occupational level.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent is the Minimum Educational requirement.
  • The Minimum Monthly Salary requirement is AED 30,000.

Golden Visa for Executive Directors with AED 50,000 Salary

  • A minimum educational qualification of a Bachelor’s Degree accredited by the Ministry of Education (MOE).
  • Experience Letter holding the same position for five years.
  • A salary certificate with a minimum salary of AED 50,000.
  • Present a valid work contract.
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All nationalities are eligible to receive the Golden Visa but there are certain restrictions and mandatory measures for acceptance.

Golden Visa Application Mandatory Documents

  • Photocopy of valid Emirates ID, Visa, and Passport.
  • Passport Sized Photographs of the applicant.
  • Tenancy Contract of the residence as proof.
  • IBAN Number
  • Medical Fitness Certificate
  • Medical Insurance
  • The category applied should be supported by documents for instance; labor contracts, educational qualifications, labor cards, and recommendation letters from government documents.
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Entrepreneurs who own businesses for a three-year-long period of more, are eligible to receive their Golden Visa, provided they satisfy all the other criteria for long-term residence.

Dubai Golden Visa for Entrepreneurs

There are some specific formalities and requirements for entrepreneurs to be able to apply for Golden Visa. Penny Realty Real Estate provides a huge platform for investment in properties in Dubai; apartments for sale in Dubai, and villas for sale in Dubai which is one of the best options to become investors and homeowners in Dubai.

  • Each applicant as a founder of a project, must be approved as a Certified Business Incubator.
  • An all-inclusive health insurance document has to be provided for themselves and on behalf of their families.
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UAE is the best place to live, work and invest. Penny Realty brings you the best properties for sale in Dubai.

How to apply if I do not meet the Salary Requirements for Golden Visa?  

What you need to do if you do not fulfill the application category according to salary requirements for Golden Visa in UAE.

You can still be eligible for Golden Visa in UAE if you do not fulfill salary requirements, or do not hold investments in any company/ property. There are certain specified categories for professionals that includes; doctors who hold a license to practice in UAE, and engineers with work permit and necessary qualifications can apply for Dubai Golden Visa.

Moreover, if you have an achievement in areas like humanitarian work, art, or any similar field as a distinctive accomplishment, then you may be eligible for Dubai Golden Visa. Golden Visa in UAE aims to entice professionals having exceptional talents, investors looking for greater returns, and executives aiming to gain long-term residency in the United Arab Emirates. This golden card was announced by Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid in the year 2019, and since then more than 400 businessmen and investors, including families have been granted this long-term residency visa.

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Apply for your Golden Visa now.

What does UAE President Sheikh Mohamed has to say about Golden Visa in UAE?

According to Sheikh Mohamed, almost 6800 residents and investors are chosen to receive Dubai Golden Visa, worth an estimated amount of AED 100 Billion. In the year 2022, there was a major expansion scheme set out for Ph.D. holders, doctors, and other such professionals to secure a 10 years long-term residency visa. Moreover, some of the intelligence scientists, and experts will fall in the eligibility criteria for receival of Dubai Golden Visa.

  • Deposit of AED 10 million in any UAE Investment funds.
  • You can either be an owner of a business worth AED 10 Million, or your partner owns a business or a company with a share value amounting to AED 10 million.

Some prerequisites for applying for a Golden Visa in UAE:

  • You must be the full owner of the investment in the fund and not a loan from someone else. The proof is required to reassure the aforesaid.
  • You must fully own the investment for a fixed period of three years.
  • A comprehensive insurance document is a necessity to be provided for themselves and their families.
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According to the National News, hundreds of UAE residents who are business owners received a long-term 10-year residency under the Golden Visa. It is growing hugely popular amongst residents who come to the United Arab Emirates for the purpose of business, job prospects, and investment opportunities. Dubai’s Real Estate Market is growing at a great pace and is increasingly becoming the hub of all investments especially the latest flicking Chinese investors is a huge sign that Dubai’s Real Estate sector will boost further.

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