Dubai Latest News Updates – World’s Best for Unemployment, Cleanliness and Corporate Tax, Dubai is in the list of Top 10 Global Power City Index

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Top 10 Global Power City Index

Dubai Ranks as one in the list of the Top 10 Global Power City Index, which is considered the list of countries best in the world in terms of Cleanliness, Employment, and Corporate Taxes

Dubai enjoys a great prestigious power ranking as one of the top 10 of cities globally while being a part of the Top 10 Global Power City Index. Furthermore, Dubai is ranked as one of the best cities in the Middle East, and stands at number eight worldwide, meanwhile achieving great recognition and ranking in numerous key criteria.

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These are the top cities in the world in terms of living, traveling, investing, cleanliness, income taxes etcetera. In recent news, it was seen that Dubai is the first city among all the cities in the Middle East to be regarded as the Top 10 Global Cities.

Global Power City Index is an internationally recognized prestigious league, Dubai takes great pride in being listed amongst the top 10 cities in the World. It is due to the consistent determination of Dubai Authorities and Government segments that they have come this far, excelling in the property industry, tourism industry, travel, and fashion.

Dubai is a Tourism Hub – Tourists want to enjoy quality time with family and friends. Dubai is ranked among the Top 10 World Cities

Dubai is the first among all the cities in the Middle East to secure a prestigious ranking as this on a global platform. In light of the unparalleled efforts, market capitalization, enterprises and the ability to attract more people are the ideal reasons that enabled Dubai to climb up three places and become the eighth top City in the World. It is thus, these achievements that pave the way for further growth and elevate the position of the city as the leading global city in the world.

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The image shows a beautiful evening in the city of Dubai, which is now one of the Top 10 cities in the World for the year 2023.

The achievement cements Dubai’s position as a leading global city, driven by the vision of its leadership and the collective determination of its citizens and residents.

Latest Dubai News Updates – Top Global Charts

Top Global Charts tell an amazing story of Dubai’s unwavering struggles and progress over the past years

The global ranking lists a country in multiple narrow categories, consequently, Dubai has been declared at the first position in categories including; low unemployment rate, workstyle flexibility, corporate tax rate, and level of cleanliness in the city.

Top Global Charts reveal that Dubai has been on the list, but now it has surpassed three more slots to regain a position as the 8th Best City in the World.

The Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammad Rashid Al Maktoum has dedicated the position of Dubai City in the Top 10 Global Power City Index as a testament to devoted efforts and steadfast struggles to attain the global vision and make Dubai the Top Global City across multiple vital categories.

Efforts are devoted towards making Dubai the Best City to Live in the World.

A great contribution is made by the Leadership in Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, by enabling to accelerate the pace of accomplishments and ensuring Dubai’s excellence in multiple categories.

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The Arabian World feels proud that Dubai has been selected amongst all the cities in the Middle East as a representative of the best cities to live in the World. The latest Dubai News came as a great achievement of the unparalleled struggles of the UAE Authorities to gain such a position in the Top Global Charts.

In addition, to the appreciation extended for the great achievement, Sheikh Hamdan urged public and private sectors engaged in Dubai, to keep up the work pace and efforts. Furthermore, Dubai is among the Top 10 cities in the Middle East considered to be the best in the world for living, investing, and traveling and termed the “Global Centre of Culture“.

As per Shaikh Hamdan, there is no limit for a country to excel and become the top city in the Middle East, and the visions can be achieved through unwavering commitment and devotion to reaching the ambitions in this Global Centre of Culture – Dubai.

In addition to the aforementioned, he mentioned that even after achieving the best position, the struggle to retain the position as the best city should continue which is the key aspect in enabling cities to thrive on the Global platform when the due effort is put in. Dubai has secured the first position as one of the leading cities in the Middle East or Arab World, to be on the list of the Top 10 Global Power City Index.

Dubai – The Best City has established itself as a Cultural Destination and ensured Commitment to Sustainability Vision

Dubai The Best City is the World’s Best for Unemployment, Cleanliness, and Corporate Taxes as it moves towards its Commitment to Sustainability Vision.

Dubai has focused tremendously on cultural destinations, commitment to sustainability, best real estate property for sale in Dubai to make it the best city to live in. The cultural vision of Dubai is aimed to enhance the position of the Emirates in the World as the Global Centre of Culture, Hub of Talent, and a creative destination.

Furthermore, due to effective property developmental projects underway, governments, individuals, and businesses are attracted to make decisions regarding traveling, immigration, and investment. Recently it was seen that Real Estate in Dubai has shifted from rentals to an increased demand in fixed-rate mortgages as a result of shifting income taxes in the Global Centre of Culture – Dubai.

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