UAE Scam Alert: Dubai Police issues warnings to beware of Scams and Fake Websites

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Dubai Police

Dubai Police issues a warning to beware of such scamming fake websites and consequently, money fraud which has affected many in the past few months.

Here is what you need to know about fake websites and online scams which are becoming increasingly common in Dubai. Penny Realty Real Estate is the most trusted real estate in Dubai bringing its clients the most important insights and latest news.

Dubai Police

Abu Dhabi also issues warnings regarding shopping scams which are exceedingly become common.

As new fraudulent reports keep pouring in from victims, the Abu Dhabi and Dubai authorities are managing to provide concise guidelines to residents to remain alert. On the contrary, there have been instances of residents’ bank account hacking and dumping by some racketeers.

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Last month one of the ex-pats ended up paying an amount of AED 5000 just for placing an order of fries, drinks, and burgers based on a promo. That promo was actually a scam leading him to some fake websites that were not the official website but rather a fake website. Such examples of shopping scams.

Abu Dhabi Judicial Department took to Instagram and other social media channels to explain the risks associated with making online purchases on bogus websites and the consequences associated with them. A video was posted illustrating the unreliable website implications which are frequently advertised on social media forums to catch consumer attention leading to fraud. In order to secure your bank accounts, there is a list of ways to stay safe from being bait to such website scams.

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Top 5 Ways to Avoid Fake Websites and Scams

  • Social Media serves as a huge platform for businesses for marketing and advertisement, however, it is not always safe to click, scroll and trust random websites blindly.
  • Observe and scrutinize details related to an online platform carefully before entering bank details and ultimately purchasing something. Nowadays, many such websites. Usually, bank details and payment details are transferred to hackers’ systems when details are logged into your system.
  • Cybercrime is increasingly becoming very common given the technological advances. It is recommended to check the comments and ratings of a website before any purchase is made or any content is further scrolled. Sometimes, there are internal traps within the system which gain access to the host computer.
  • Make sure to purchase from well-known and well-established websites which have a previous track with respect to protected transactions.
  • It is important to carefully understand and comprehend the policies which are related to complaints, refunds, disputes, and most importantly contact details.
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Do Not Fall Prey to Fraudsters

Trends show that follow are fraudsters Impersonating Dubai Police!

Why on earth are they doing this? Fraud has existed in societies for a very long, however nowadays the ways have shifted from traditional theft to more technology and cyber-based.

These scammers are relentless, they constantly and persistently are working to find a victim and successfully carry out the fraud. Nowadays there is a new trend seen, where these scammers and fraudsters impersonate Dubai Police to engage with their victims.

Dubai Police has issues warnings to the residents of UAE to remain careful about such phishing emails, deceitful calls, fake websites, and messages to remain careful and alert at all times.

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According to a source, a fake deceitful call was received early this week where they pretended to be Dubai Police, trying to work on some online verification process followed by sending a One-Time Password (OTP). However, the recipient realized that it was a potential scam therefore they played along saying no message was received. On the contrary, there is one thing to worry about if or when an actual call will be ever received in the future, that might also be seen as a scam call.

Important Red Flags for UAE Residents to Keep in Mind

There are certain points that should be genuinely known to all the UAE residents and ex-pats which are as mentioned below

  • The basic knowledge of what the Dubai Police will ask when they call someone, and mostly importantly they will not ask for your Emirates ID details over the phone call.
  • The scammers usually call from mobile phones which is not the case with Dubai Police individuals.
  • Experts suggest that sensitive information like passwords, card details, and identity details are never asked by legitimate companies and genuine authorities. Therefore, if any such information is asked, then one should remain skeptical and also make sure to verify the authenticity from official networks.
  • Instructions that are incoherent, vague, and generic greetings as well as any threatening tones are all scams and red flags for UAE residents and expats. Therefore, be aware of similar situations and stay safe.
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Important Warning Signs for UAE Residents and Expats

Scams have now become a public annoyance for many years, and almost everyone must have received such a deceitful call every few months. Abu Dhabi Police Department warned the residents and expats in May, to be careful while sharing important information, One-Time Passwords, Credit card details, and other ID details.

Meanwhile, another major scam situation arose when an ex-pat source revealed that there are callers who steal the voices of people from their social media accounts resulting in emotional cyber fraud. These callers use the audio messages to blackmail and extract money from the families of the people. Furthermore, there are other ways of extracting money from people such as sending fake payment links for purported delivery from Dubai Police fines, Salik recharging, and Emirates Post.

Experts suggest and warn that there are always changing tactics used by scammers to deceive people and employ urgency in such situations to make victims panic.

Always stay calm, cautious, and vigilant while using Social Media, dealing with deceitful calls, and managing online shopping on unknown websites.

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