Off-plan Transactions rise by 38% marking great progress in the Dubai Real Estate Market in Q2 of 2023

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Off-plan Transactions

In Dubai real estate market, Off-plan transactions rise by 38%.

A robust surge in the Dubai real estate market is seen which is due to the intense course of off-plan property sale trends.

Off-plan Transactions

Penny Realty Real Estate brings you the latest Dubai real estate market and popular property information. Dubai Real Estate market is trending over $653 million which is approximately AED 2.4 billion which points towards the massive popularity of the Dubai Property Market. There is a wide range of properties that is famously known around the world along with the favor of Dubai-based property developers.

Latest Projects and Off-plan Transactions

EMAAR and DAMAC are the names that stand unparalleled in terms of creating luxuriously designed contemporary state-of-the-art residential and commercial buildings that speak for themselves. Samana Properties is also one of the biggest property developers in Dubai which is now launching a great new project in the Dubai Al Furjan area, named “California Projects worth an amount of AED 215 million, headed by Nakheel as the master developer.

Off-plan Transactions

Live in Luxury – Dubai Real Estate Market breaks all barriers and defines luxury!

State-of-the-art architectural developments and a blend of contemporary and traditional approaches are the nurturing concepts forming the basis of the Dubai real estate market. The demand for apartments and villas for rent in Dubai is growing which is a sign of foreign influx in search of a better lifestyle, income, growth, opportunities, and optimal capitalization. As more and more investors flock into the economy, the prices keep rising with the demand. It may seem like a red signal in some countries but for Dubai, no price barrier can ever seize the market for real estate.

Off-plan Transactions

Latest and impeccable plans like Como Residences, Elitz residences, Dubai Islands, Golf Greens, the Trump Estates, Jouri Hills, DAMAC Lagoons, and many more. These off-plan properties are listed on the Penny Realty Real Estate website along with various sizes, prices, and a tab where real estate agent support is provided to online customers.

Dubai Property enjoying the best phase ever as the growth in the year 2023 is very much dissimilar from preceding peaks in years 2008 and year 2014. According to expert predictions, prices of Dubai properties are less likely to come down in forthcoming phases. The property holds great potential as far as Dubai and the whole UAE are concerned.

Off-plan Transactions

Having a unique position in Asia and the West, a source of attraction of talent and commerce along with a well-defined legal framework and sophisticated infrastructure. Financial backing and support are extended with cash for an entire construction from numerous countries and are currently spreading extensively. Moreover, along with unparalleled growth, Dubai real estate is exceedingly underrated.

Dubai Real Estate VS New York and London Real Estate

The Big Apple prices are three times more in comparison to those of London and New York. Moreover, the most expensive areas in London are about $15,000 per square meter which is about double the price of Downtown Dubai.

Off-plan Transactions

However, the properties Downtown are luxury properties while those in London are not based on a luxury format, rather much old. Downtown Dubai is the area where there is Burj Khalifa, is priced at $7500 per sqm which has better quality, aesthetics, locality, and price as compared to those in London.  

Moreover, apart from Downtown, Jumeirah Village Circle there are other areas like Creek Harbour and Sobha Hartland which are growing gradually to join the luxury property ranks pretty soon. Transparency in the real estate market is one of the key factors affecting real estate growth and development over time.

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AI Contribution to Dubai Real Estate Market

AI has made life much easier than before. Investors and clients are provided with all the required details concerning a property which helps them plan their capital investments and allocate their savings in a better way. The point of deception is eliminated from the planning process which ensures fair investor deals and results. Usually, there are concerns related to property embezzlement, wrong documentation, and capital misuse.

Confidence in making purchases and market growth is dependent on transparent rental payments and their relative volumes. Only the most trusted real estate in Dubai can ensure that all deals are pretty considered. Apartments for sale in Dubai, Villas for sale in Dubai, apartments for rent in Dubai, and villas for rent in Dubai are mentioned on our website for easy evaluation and purchase.


Branded Residences in Dubai Real Estate Market

Some of the latest off-plan properties and off-plan transactions are driven by a new emerging trend of branded residences in the Dubai Real Estate Market. The brand value proposition increases the value of property by 25 to 40 percent ultimately increasing tourism thereby attracting attention from investors. Tourism visits Dubai for the mere purpose of visiting fancy places, luxurious attractions offering amazing amenities, and fancy restaurants that provide competitive monetary value.

Moreover, Dubai serves as a tourism hub, the most popular vacation destination all over the World because of its skyrocketing buildings, extravagant hotels and resorts, profligate beaches, golf courts, and incredible activities. The real estate industry in Dubai is expected to grow further in the next three years to come. Transaction volume reached its maximum this year in 2023 in terms of property value growth.

On the contrary, the growth rate will start to decline gradually after a prolonged growth-oriented era. The risk of decline currently is lowered as compared to those in the pandemic days. With the increased digitalization, fast-paced technological developments and transparency Dubai Real Estate Market is not likely to face decline situation and boom circumstances as previously experienced.

Penny Realty Real Estate brings the best real estate market advice for investors planning to invest in Dubai property. The increasing demand for property in Downtown, Business Bay, and areas near to Burj khalifa reflected a major mindset change in people. The awareness through digitalization is making its way into the perceptions of people.

Stay tuned to more latest trends in Dubai Real Estate Industry through our website.

It is increasingly due to the fact that people are aware of the quality and value of cleanliness, tourism, safety, and security being offered to them in Dubai far more than anywhere in the world.

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