Top 5 UAE News

Top 5 UAE News – Oman offers citizenship, Visa-free travel, Saudi Tax Reform, Massive Dubai Metro Expansion, and much more along with the announcement of the UAE 2024 Holidays.

Top 5 UAE News this week includes a discussion on Oman offering citizenship, massive Dubai Metro Expansion, Saudi Tax Reform changes, and UAE Holiday announcements for 2024. The latest UAE News Updates are brought to you by Penny Realty Real Estate, which is the most trusted property expert in Dubai. UAE Public holidays for the year 2024 have been announced. The dates for the major holidays for the...

Latest UAE News

Latest UAE News – Net Zero 2050 Strategy of the UAE, will create 200,000 New Jobs

Net Zero 2050 strategy is the Latest UAE News, which explains the future of the UAE, in addition to its direction and focus on forthcoming developments. Dubai Breaking News Today - The Net Zero 2050 Strategy adopted by the UAE projects growth-oriented future economic conditions, thereby creating 200,000 new jobs for residents and immigrants in the coming times. It is a testament to future-oriented...

Rixos Dubai Islands

Rixos Dubai Island Units for Sale launch by Nakheel Properties, amid Branded Residences Boom

A New Mega Project - Rixos Dubai Island by Nakheel Properties is an amazing new development in the heart of Dubai, offering luxury Rixos Dubai Island is in development Phase II and is nearing its launch very soon. It features 331 residential units, ranging from 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom units and duplex beach houses for sale in Dubai. Nakheel Properties is a Dubai-based master developer who has launched...

Property Market

Property Market has boomed in Abu Dhabi by a 100 percent increase in sales transactions since the past year.

A great opportunity to invest in Property - The Property Market has boomed in Abu Dhabi as there have been 100 percent sales transactions seen this year as compared to previous years. There have been numerous new projects launched in the Abu Dhabi Property Market including commercial, residential developments, and mixed-use projects. Furthermore, there are several projects in the pipeline, in different...

Sheikh Mohammed

Top 3 Priorities for UAE, set by Sheikh Mohammed to double the country’s GDP

Top 3 Priorities for the UAE Government, Sheikh Mohammed has devised a strategic plan for economic expansion, and double the GDP. The National Agenda for the next year was set at the UAE Government's Annual Meetings. There were top 3 Priorities for UAE, set by Sheikh Mohammed to ensure economic expansion and double the UAE GDP. The UAE Annual Agenda is to ensure strategically planned procedures to...

Dubai Real Estate Rents

Expert Reviews: Dubai Real Estate Rents are skyrocketing and a strain on Start-up Sector Growth 2023

Dubai Real Estate Rents are reaching the skies and it is becoming a little tough for residents and businesses to keep going. The constantly rising costs of real estate may force residents and businesses to look for cheaper options outside of Dubai, UAE, or even the Middle East. The consideration of moving out of the city is primarily because of ever-increasing real estate rent prices which do seem to...

UAE Flag Day

Everything you need to know – Significance and Rules for Celebrating the UAE Flag Day 2023

UAE Flag Day 2023 was celebrated today, nationwide as a testament to the solidarity of the UAE, a recognition of the struggles committed in the past, and a commitment to embark upon significant plans for sustainability. The UAE Flag holds great importance concerning the UAE Cultural heritage and its historical importance. These colors signify strength, courage, solidarity, and peace. It is celebrated...

Growth in Dubai Real Estate

Latest Dubai News – Sustainable Growth in Dubai Real Estate 2023

Global Preferences are shifting, as more and more people are viewing the Growth in Dubai Real Estate Great sustainable growth in Dubai Real Estate is seen as a testament to the consistent progressive development by Dubai Real estate developers in the UAE. There has been a great transition in the property types over time with the advent of technology, changing demand trends, changing real estate industry...

Dubai Real Estate Market

Riyadh Challenges surges as Dubai Real Estate Market sees the emerging Saudi Property Popularity towards the end of year 2023

Dubai real estate market is facing challenges as the Saudi property grows and flourishes Riyadh is spotted to emerge as the regional hotspot for investments in the property market due to the financial incentives by the Saudi Government to woo international investors into the latest developing real estate market. The situation poses a challenge to the UAE, especially offering a price advantage instead of...

Luxury Off-plan property

Rain In UAE! – Luxury Off-Plan Property Boom, AI to Track Taxis – 5 Trending Stories to Know in Dubai

There are many new developments in the Luxury Off-Plan Property Market, marking a boom in the Property Industry On Thursday, heavy rainfall was recorded preceded by a thunderstorm that hit the UAE. Therefore, as a protective and reactive measure, Dubai Taxi Corporation announced using AI to monitor and track buses, taxis, and delivery riders. The current weather in Dubai calls for celebration as it has...

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