Dubai Marina vs. Downtown Dubai – Where to live, Buy property, or Rent Property in 2023?

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Dubai Marina vs. Downtown Dubai

Dubai Marina vs. Downtown Dubai? Both are the most popular residential neighborhoods in Dubai, as evident by the sales transactions for the current year 2023. The relative demand for property purchase is higher in these two areas than in the other well-sought regions in Dubai.

If you are still planning to invest in properties in Dubai, then the comparison by Penny Realty Real Estate will be helpful for you.

Both are very trendy communities offering exquisitely designed properties offering modern architecture, world-class amenities, and a luxurious lifestyle to residents. Furthermore, they offer great returns on investments owing to the popularity and every increasing rental price of properties, for the required type of residential units. There is a wide variety of hotel in Dubai Marina, restaurants in Dubai Marina, Marina Byblos Hotel Dubai, Millennium Place Dubai Marina, City Premiere Marina Hotel Apartments Dubai, Rove Dubai Marina, Crowne Plaza Dubai Marina, Dubai Marina Mall Dubai, and Stella di Mare Dubai Marina Hotel.

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Properties in Dubai Marina vs. Downtown Dubai.

Trends in Dubai Marina vs. Downtown Dubai

Best Apartment Buying Trends in Dubai Marina vs. Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina both offer an extensive portfolio of residential units including off-plan units and ready-to-move-in apartments for sale. There are properties ranging from studio apartments to 4-bedroom units, offering duplexes as well as luxury penthouses in Downtown Dubai. Meanwhile, these properties for sale in Dubai offer exquisite architectural designs, and brilliantly mastered floor plans in Downtown Dubai offering breathtaking views of Dubai Canal and Dubai Skyline.

Likewise, there are more than 200 residential towers in Dubai Marina, offering a wide range of apartments for sale including studios to 4-bedroom flats, duplexes as well as upscale penthouses. Furthermore, the buyers have the option to check floor plans in detail, offering amazing views of Dubai Skyline, Arabian Gulf, and Artificial Marina.

Cost Comparison of Properties in Dubai Marina vs. Downtown Dubai

The residential units offered in both localities are similar in size, with 1-bedroom apartments for sale ranging from 570 square feet to 1200 square feet. On the other hand, Downtown Dubai has flats with spacious layouts as opposed to Dubai Marina, which is primarily dependent on the building type. Meanwhile, a studio apartment in Downtown Dubai will cost AED 1.09 million, while the price for 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom apartments costs AED 1.5 million, AED 2.4 million, and AED 4 million, respectively with a return on investment rate being 6.30 percent.

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Properties in Dubai Marina vs. Downtown Dubai, offer exquisite amenities, a luxurious lifestyle, and great views. Everything you ever need will be available at your disposal.

However, if your preference is to live near Jebel Ali and enjoy breathtaking views of Dubai Skyline, then you must know the pricing for flats in Dubai Marina. There is a wide variety of apartments where, studios cost AED 1.4 million, 1-bedroom apartments, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai Marina cost AED 1.9 million, AED 3.5 million, and AED 6 million respectively. In contrast to the returns on investments in Downtown Dubai, there ROI in Dubai Marina is slightly more, 6.75 percent making it a more investor-appropriate area.

Buying Villas in Dubai Marina vs. Downtown Dubai

Offering a limited collection of exclusively designed villas in both the most popular and well-sought communities in Dubai. There is an exclusive collection of podium villas for homeowners and investors looking for larger spaces.

If you are looking for spacious villas in Dubai Marina, you will find 3-bedroom to 5-bedroom villa units with an average price range varying between AED 5.6 million to AED 15 million for 4-bedroom villas at an average. On the contrary, the pricing for 5-bedroom villas in Dubai Marina will be available at an average price of AED 18 million with an expected return on investment of 6.86 percent. Furthermore, there are podium villas for sale in Downtown Dubai as well.

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There are huge and spacious villas, duplexes, and penthouses for sale and rent in Dubai Marina vs. Downtown Dubai.

Where should you rent a property? Dubai Marina vs. Downtown Dubai

Renting Apartment in Dubai Marina vs. Downtown Dubai

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Breath-taking night views of Downtown Dubai, offer the best lifestyle to the residents and a great ROI to investors.

Being ranked amongst the top areas to rent apartments in Dubai, they become the major preference of tenants looking for properties with top-notch amenities and attractions. The luxurious lifestyle offered by these communities is commendable. Let’s see where is it better to rent an apartment.

There is a variety of apartments ranging from studios to 4-bedroom residential units. The average rent price for a studio will be AED 72K, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments for rent in Downtown Dubai will cost AED 108K, AED 164K, and AED 252K respectively.

Meanwhile, the average rent price for a studio will be AED 80K, and 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai Marina, will cost AED 134K, AED 246K, and AED 410K respectively.

We can clearly suggest and understand that the valuation of property in Dubai Marina is higher in comparison to Downtown Dubai owing to a greater return on investments, prices of apartments as well and rents.

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There are many varying positives and advantages to living in Dubai Marina as well as Downtown Dubai, therefore it is completely subject to the budgets of buyers, renting ability of tenants, commute, and saving requirements of the residents to opt for an apartment in Dubai Marina vs. Downtown Dubai. Through engaging reliable and trusted property experts like Penny Realty Real Estate residents can benefit from specialized advice from real estate agents and get the best most suitable property for rent or sale.

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