Are you paying more in 2023 to live near Metro Stations in Dubai Marina?

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Live near Metro Stations in Dubai Marina

People without their transport choose to live near metro stations in Dubai Marina, to save time and associated travel costs to and from work.

live near Metro Stations in Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina – the best place to live in Dubai

Dubai Marina Life

Dubai Marina is the most popular neighborhood in Dubai, especially for those who prefer living in apartments.

Metro Transportation is one of the most commonly used public transport networks that is preferred as a convenient means of traveling. People living in areas close to metro stations are at the advantage of the easy daily commute, quick travel access, and cost savings. On the contrary, it is essential to know whether the rule applies to the residents of Dubai Marina, which is the most luxuriously modern area of Dubai.

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Dubai Traffic and Dubai’s Metro System.

One of the most popularly thriving neighborhoods with happening lifestyles, a cosmopolitan population, and upscale standards of living. Dubai Marina is a fashionable suburban hub with contemporary architecture and a modern approach. Penny Realty Real Estate is the most trusted real estate in Dubai where we have a massive listing of sale, rent, and off-plan properties for residents and visitors. The apartments for rent in Dubai and apartments for sale in Dubai vary in price, area, and locality. These contributing factors affect the buyer’s approach and purchase decision.

Best Shopping and Dining Experiences in the Emirates

Marina Walk is one of the most popular areas in Dubai Marina where most of the shopping avenues and dining areas are situated. If you wish to unwind, you will have several great bars in Dubai Marina where you can just enjoy drinks with your friends, experience the extravagant architecture and walk along the street to relish the ambiance. Dubai real estate is flourishing owing to the popularity of areas like Dubai Marina, Jumeirah, and Palm which attract the biggest real estate investments in Dubai.

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Dubai Marina has a Vibe! It offers a luscious outlook to residents, living in the area along with the comfortable existing values. Trendy beaches and beach nightclubs are offering a blend of fusion and contemporary settings, an environment so appealingly pleasing that you forget the worries of life, places for practicing yoga, and much more for those who want to have a vigorous and energetic lifestyle. The apartments for sale in Dubai are a great investment as the return keeps increasing with the development and progress of real estate in Dubai.

Life of Glamour and Glitz in Dubai Marina

On the contrary, it is generally an image that residents are paying more in 2023 to live in the Dubai Marina area.

Apart from the expedient metro station access, there is also a very opportune and convenient availability of amenities and luxury property features. The properties feature amazingly outstanding amenities and exquisitely designed architectures that complement the features and monetary amount being paid for residing in the area.

image 70

Skyrocketing towers and high-rise residential buildings represent the beautiful structures constructed by EMAAR, DAMAC, Nakheel, and many top-of-the-line building and developing companies. All these are property development companies registered with and working with close liaison with Penny Realty Real Estate.

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Living near the Metro Station VS living afar from it?

There are two Metro Stations that are in very close access to Dubai Marina namely;

·   The SOBHA Realty Metro Station

·   Th DMCC Metro Station

SOBHA Realty Metro Station is the reference point for evaluations of spending on residential units ranging between Studio, 1-bedroom flats, and 2-bedroom flats.

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Studio Apartments for rent in Dubai Marina near Metro Station

image 71

There is a vast data pool of Dubai properties in Penny Realty Real estate which include a wide range of Studio apartments for rent in Dubai especially in the Dubai Marina area. The studio apartments that are approximately 500 meters to 1 kilometer from the metro station have been rented for AED 69K while those nearby less than 500 meters away are for AED 59K

On the contrary, the rents for apartments at a distance greater than 1 kilometer from the SOBHA Realty Metro Station area averaging in Dubai Marina at a rate of AED 73k. Furthermore, an evaluation based on the current rates of studio apartment rents in Dubai can be made that residents who do not own private transport can save up to 10k Dirhams annually on rent.

1 Bedroom Apartments for rent in Dubai Marina near Metro Station

Penny Realty Real Estate brings you multiple 1-bedroom options in Dubai Marina which are ranging different depending upon locality, privacy, and security. According to the price estimate conducted upon the available off-plan, sale, and rent properties it can be evaluated that 1-bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai near to metro station will help save AED  17k.

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2 Bedroom Apartments for rent in Dubai Marina near Metro Station

2-bedroom apartments are comparatively more expensive than studio and 1-bedroom apartments. Generally, tenants who prefer traveling by Metro can get apartments near the metro station. Therefore 2-bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai will cost AED 138K annually approximately. On the contrary, the 2-bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai located at a distance of 500 meters and 1 kilometer will cost about AED 157K. The closer residents get to the Metro Station the most cost they can save in their annual expenses. Furthermore, 2-bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai will cost AED 160K if they are at a distance of 1 kilometer or more from SOBHA Realty Metro Station in Dubai Marina.

live near metro stations in Dubai Marina

Price Comparison between Apartments for Rent in Dubai Marina

A price comparison of apartments for rent in Dubai Marina, based on their size reveals that for bigger apartments the price Gap will be AED 19k less, for apartments at a distance between 500 meters and 1 kilometer. At the same time, a difference of AED 3k will be for those apartments located 1 kilometer or more away.

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