Dubai Property Events: Community Events by Dubai’s Emaar Properties are canceled over the Current Global Situation 2023

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Current Global Situation

Emaar cancels its major community events in Dubai given the Current Global Situation.

According to the sources, Emaar Properties has canceled community events and festivities in its Dubai Property Developments due to the current global situation. The highlights and chain of events leading to the Gaza-Israel war are mentioned in our previous blog, kindly refer to it to have a better understanding of the situation.

Current Global Situation
Emaar developers are the top property developers in Dubai. Their leading position is a testament to the quality of residential and commercial properties they launch in the UAE. When you search for luxury property in Dubai, Emaar is the word that pops up in Google.

Emaar Community Management Team mentioned in a letter that their proceeding festivities and events would be stopped until further notifications, in consideration of the Current War situation in Gaza and Israel. Furthermore, thoughts were shared for those affected by the line of current events. In addition to the condolences, Emaar Properties offered support to the affected and apologized for the inconvenience caused in the process.  

Current Global Situation
Emaar offers great luxury and extravagant properties, offering exquisite amenities and facilities to its residents and investors. Wherever you see a skyscraper that looks elite and luxurious, turns out to be a project of Emaar Developers.

Dubai events organized by Emaar

Emaar is a leading property developer in UAE, which stands to represent solidarity with the oppressed, in light of the current scenario.

According to the current global situation, the events about real estate, investments, futuristic goals, and aims in the property market by Emaar are all put to a stop until further notice. The company seeks to offer solidarity with the innocent lives and the saddening situation led by airstrikes by the Israeli army in Gaza City, as mentioned in our latest blog post. There are multiple views and two sides of the story that have resulted in the mass massacre of Muslims in Palestine.

Property Developers: Projects by Emaar and Changing Demand Trends

Emaar is one of the Leading Property Developers in the UAE

Emaar and Nakheel are the top names in the Dubai Real Estate Industry. Penny Realty Real Estate is the most trusted property expert in Dubai, providing listings for all the major off-plan properties for sale in Dubai which have been developed by Emaar, Damac, and Nakheel. These top names and their properties include Palm Jebel Ali, Emaar Beachfront, Arabian Ranches, Dubai Creek Harbour, Opera Grand, Burj Vista, Boulevard Plaza, and Creek Beach.

There are many amazing properties developed by Nakheel which include; District One West Villas, The World Islands, Jumeirah Park, Jumeirah Village, Warsan Village, and Dragon City. All these projects are grand and exquisite, offering the best amenities, services, and top-of-the-line architectural framework.

Current Global Situation
Emaar Properties are developing great and brilliant properties for commercial and residential use. These skyrocketing structures are exquisitely designed with contemporary architecture offering modern fixtures.

The Letter by Emaar for Cancellation of Events

A Letter that expresses consolidation with the Global Community, and ensures to contribute in strengthening the ties in the Muslim Worlds

Current Global Situation
Burj Khalifa stands tall in the clouds and the Emaar towers surrounding it are a view to applause. The developers know that Dubai is a tourist hub and offers great visitor destinations with breathtaking views.

According to the letter, it was mentioned very respectfully that their decision has been very important concerning showing solidarity to the Muslim brothers and sisters, through putting an end to the community festivities and events for the time being, in these challenging times.

The global community is facing many challenges given the current global situation, which is why the company decided to consider holding further festivities and community-related events in the Dubai Property Market. Furthermore, they also realized and explained that their community events are meant to be cherished as special occasions for many people, especially the young UAE residents and hence this decision was a major milestone in way of showing consistent solidarity.

The authorities at Emaar and Nakheel believe that the concerts, conferences, communal events, and other festivities are to be canceled, and those who have faced any consequences or issues are to be apologized. Earlier two of the concerts in Dubai’s Coca Cola Arena were announced to be cancelled. The concerts of T.I., Amr Diab, and Sean Paul were to be held on Friday were cancelled, and the new dates have not been confirmed.  

Cancellation of Cultural Summit in Abu Dhabi 2023

Cultural Summit canceled in Abu Dhabi in 2023

Current Global Situation
The image shows the Cultural Summit in Abu Dhabi 2022, which is a great event launched to reform societies, transform communities, and serve as a platform to discuss ideas and creative options for further exploration.

A Cultural Summit is a great event that takes place to ensure the solidarity of cultural, traditional, and social values of the system. It serves as a platform to exchange ideologies and discuss ways to incorporate ways to enhance and transform communities and societies. Therefore, through the unconditional support and cooperation of members, participants, and stakeholders, the event was canceled until further notice.

In light of the current situation, all these changes and cancellations of events are seen as a great means of solidarity for the world, and being a part of the global community to be able to contribute positively, and express a dire need for humanitarian contribution.

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