Rain In UAE! – Luxury Off-Plan Property Boom, AI to Track Taxis – 5 Trending Stories to Know in Dubai

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Luxury Off-plan property

There are many new developments in the Luxury Off-Plan Property Market, marking a boom in the Property Industry

On Thursday, heavy rainfall was recorded preceded by a thunderstorm that hit the UAE. Therefore, as a protective and reactive measure, Dubai Taxi Corporation announced using AI to monitor and track buses, taxis, and delivery riders. The current weather in Dubai calls for celebration as it has brought the summer heat to an end. The UAE residents are delighted and excited with the commencement of winter with such a thud, however, some believe that the weather changes are a result of cloud seeding which is done occasionally by the weather department to create an artificial rain in the region.

Luxury Off-plan property
The image expresses the beauty of real estate in Dubai, and UAE as a whole where developers are working towards their luxury property image to uplift the real estate industry globally.

Luxury Real Estate in Dubai is a testament to dynamic property development companies who continuously improvise their development procedures, and architectures and use advanced levels of information technology in building homes for residents and properties for investors.

As per the Arabian Business and Khaleej Times, rains are expected to affect the UAE in various parts and continue to persist country-wide. A Yellow Alert was issued by the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) to remain aware of the anticipated artificial rainfall in Dubai‘s situation and visibility reduction as a result. Eastern regions were given an orange alert which is more severe than the Yellow Alert, regarding the hazardous changes in weather. Apart from the latest news about rainfall, there are other news that are more eye-catching.

AI to Track Taxis, Buses, and Delivery Riders

Dubai Taxi Corporation is all set to use AI to Track Taxis and monitor their routes, a breakthrough with optimal technology usage.

Luxury Off-plan property
Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is progressing tremendously incorporating the most outstanding technology in managing their transportation. With the advent of artificial technology, great has been seen along with great progress. To develop an effective, secure, and organized system, the government has implemented the latest forms of advanced technology just as AI to Track Taxis.

The announcement of the use of artificial intelligence technology by Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) is primarily to track the performances of the extensive fleet, which consists of 7200 vehicles and 14,500 drivers. Dubai Taxi Corporation is a subsidiary of Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), which has employed technology to engage its control center in monitoring public buses, limousines, taxis, motorcycles, and school buses. It covers a wide range of transportation services.

Luxury Off-plan property

Artificial intelligence has taken a huge leap in transforming technology and ensuring effective management of various departments. There has been an increase in dependence on artificial intelligence in Dubai, in various fields of life and business as a means to make life easier and provide solutions more effectively.

Luxury Off-Plan Real Estate is Booming in Dubai in Luxury Property Market

Dubai’s Luxury Property Market is booming as more and more properties are being launched and attracting investments.

Luxury Off-Plan Property launches are trending in Dubai this year which is accompanied by heavy advertisements overshadowing affordable mid-market segment launches. Moreover, the trend suggests that real estate developers are currently focusing on wealthy buyers and their risk supply imbalances. The more the stake, the greater the profits. It is as simple as that. The Real Estate Industry is now more business-oriented, more than ever as it makes its name as one of the biggest luxury property industries in Dubai.

Luxury Off-plan property

The mid-market property demand is rising, with approximately 64 percent of the property purchases that were under the amount of AED 3 million previously. The residents of Dubai are waiting to grab more and more property deals as the rental prices hike in the current year 2023.

The luxury brand projects are flooded with prime location listings; whereas, the majority of buyers are seeking modest budgets for buying property. However, this needs to be addressed, if it is not explained at the right time, it might distort the inclusive vision of the Emirates.

Increase Jobs in UAE – Forecast Revenue Growth

Bosses expect headcounts to increase by 89% within 2 years, as per the Forecast Revenue Growth

Luxury Off-plan property
As per the future Forecast Revenue Growth, in the coming two years, the UAE tends to increase job opportunities for people to expand and grow further.

UAE bosses are expected to increase the headcounts in companies to increase revenues. The entire expected revenue was estimated by a study by the HR specialist of Darwinbox. According to his study, the CXOs are very confident about the increasing headcounts in the organization as a means of increasing skillsets, competencies, and potential of the organization resulting in optimal profits and revenues for the next two years as per Penny Realty Real Estates.

The UAE CXOs are aligned on the matter of economic expansion in the UAE region, which is seen as a great positive outlook on the matter of hiring more and investing in more employees over time, which is a sign of superior growth prospects following the Forecast Revenue Growth.

Warnings issued by Dubai Police for the Use of E-scooters

The special warnings were issued by Dubai Police due to unforeseen circumstances, including 5 deaths, and 29 injuries in the past 8 months.

image 7 5
Dubai Police issued warnings as the deaths and injuries increased due to the use of e-scooters by the UAE residents.

During the past 8 months, there has been 1000 violations, 5 deaths, and 29 injuries reported by Dubai Police which is a sign that e-scooters are not a very secure mean of transportation if used without license, training, and clear guidelines. Furthermore, those who are caught in the act of showing stunts on their scooters will be charged a fine of AED 300, hence warnings are issued.

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