How the Gaza-Israel War Impacts the Global Economy 2023

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Gaza-Israel War

The World is in Grief, as the Gaza-Israel War continues to become more fierce daily. The Isreal-Hamas war started on 7th October 2023, but eventually became one of the deadliest five Gaza wars, resulting in the death of 4,000 civilians.

Millions of people have been displaced, having fled their homes in the Gaza Strip Middle East to evacuate the area and seek refuge in shelters, aiming to stay safe from the expected Israel invasion. All these measures have been taken to eliminate Hamas leadership after the delay incursion it brought on Israel.

Gaza-Israel War
The image represents the geographical location of the Gaza Strip Middle East and Israel Territory. The war will eventually erase the Palestinians therefore it needs to stop.

There are always two sides to the Gaza-Israel War Story when two participants are involved, hastening a humanitarian crisis.

One of the prominent reasons for the Israel and Palestinian fight is that the Palestinian region consists of almost 92 to 94% of the population from the Islamic faith. There has been constant denial of basic human rights and persistent intervention in the administration of the Palestinian state which resulted in a grave enrage built up amongst some of the extremist bunch of people. Hamas is an Islamic Militant Movement and a major Palestinian political party that took over the Gaza Strip in Palestine.

image 6 1
Some horrifying and saddening scenes from the airstrikes launched by Israel on the civilian houses in the Gaza Strip.

On the contrary, it has been declared as a terrorist organization by the United Nations and The United States of America due to their armed resistance against the Israel state. There has been evidence of suicide bombing and suicidal attacks launched by Hamas in the Israeli region. In light of the previous events and a current massive surprise attack launched by Hamas on Southern Israel in October’2023, the situation aggravated tremendously resulting in a punishing 10-day siege on Gaza territory.  

The massive launch by Hamas killed thousands of civilians, and soldiers, along with a dozen hostages which were taken along by the terrorists. Hence, the current Gaza-Israel war is the result of this terrorist attack. Meanwhile, Israel has gone way beyond and above in launching a mass massacre of the innocent civilians of the Gaza Strip, resulting in the death of thousands of children, women, and men. Social media is a testament to all the extremist, deadly, and sad content of Palestinians dying at the hands of Israel’s unending bombing and air strikes.

image 6 2
Massive destruction has been caused as a result of Israel’s bombing of Gaza, thousands of lives have been lost, children separated from their parents, and vice versa. There has been thousands of casualties and people have been displaced from homes.

What are the reasons behind the Gaza-Israel War? What has happened as a result of airstrikes on Al-Ahli Arab Hospital?

In the events following air strikes on civilian neighborhoods, Al-Ahli Arab Hospital was targeted as a result of the Gaza-Israel War and there have been thousands of casualties including doctors, nurses, and patients.

It is indeed regarded as a Genocide, a Mass massacre aimed at wiping off the Muslim community; especially Palestinians from the face of the Earth. Social Media influencers, journalists, and civilians all around the world are pleading for a ceasefire, but there has been no response. Consequently, there has been a constant emergency in Gaza after the Hamas attack on Israel. However, after 10 days of consistent bombing, the area was cut off of water, food, and electricity and a ban on entry of any help from outside, there has been a slight crack after the airstrikes on the hospital.

image 6 3
The remains are only rubble and rocks, no homes left, and no shelter. The loss of lives is massive, along with thousands left disabled, mentally challenged, and bedridden in hospital beds as a result of the Gaza-Israel War.

On Wednesday, some humanitarian crisis aid was delivered to the Gaza Strip through Egypt, as a result of immense casualties, and a strain on the medical system of Gaza. The provision of facility announcement was a result of the fury spread across the Middle East, over the blast at the Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City. Furthermore, Joe Biden President of the United States visited Israel and presented his views to prevent a wider conflict in the region.

The protests flared as the Arab leaders got together and held Israel responsible for the explosion on Tuesday night. As per the Israeli authorities, Hamas was responsible and some were pointing toward targeting the terrorist refuge spot. On the contrary Hamas officials held Israel responsible for the airstrikes in Gaza City, killing hundreds of people. Israel denied its involvement by releasing a flurry of audio, and videos establishing that it was a misfire by one of the Gaza militant groups; pointing at Islamic Jihad.

Effects of the Gaza-Israel War on the World

The war initiated by Hamas officials needs to stop otherwise it will end up every civilian in Palestine. There have been deaths of babies, children, and women mainly representing ethnic cleansing, a mass massacre to remove the Palestinian generation from the face of the Earth.

There has been a lot lost, it is now time to speak up. These challenging times need someone who can restore justice and equilibrium, thereby providing the rightful share of land, and human rights to the Palestinians with respect and not embark upon an apartheid. The world belongs to everyone, and thus there should be a complete quality for all religions, races, and ethnicities to ensure equilibrium on humanitarian crisis grounds. On the contrary, if this keeps on going, many more lives will be lost, causing complete property, land, life, and resource destruction. It is time to restore the Palestine Flag and ensure that the Palestine population does not face more discrimination.

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