News Alert 2023 – AI Property Portal in the UAE! Property Purchases are set to be transformed by the latest AI-powered Marketplace

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AI Property Portal In UAE

Realiste a Dubai-based Proptech, has launched the new AI Property Portal which is the first billed in the region.

AI-powered Marketplace where customers can stay in direct contact with developers and find the best off-plan properties for sale in Dubai with value market discounts.

It is the largest and latest Artificial Intelligence (AI)- Powered Marketplace connecting developers with buyers with just a click. It will serve as a pool of Dubai’s red-hot real estate market transforming the emirate’s real estate market dynamics and extending it to the GCC real estate market.

Future growth of apartment prices can be calculated by Artificial Intelligence. It also makes suggestions regarding devising an investment strategy to manage apartment valuation. For instance, suggestions like renting the apartment for greater returns or reselling the apartment for a better monetary benefit.

AI Property Portal In UAE
AI Property Portal in UAE has revolutionized and transformed the entire outlook of the Dubai Real Estate Market.

How does the AI Property Portal in UAE work?

AI-Property Portal in UAE is helping Real Estate in Dubai move towards a bright future!

Although AI is employed in many sectors and areas of real estate in Dubai and the larger GCC region for multiple operations, Realiste’s new creation is the first in line as an AI-powered Property Marketplace. It is the first online property booking system in the MENA region which aims to help real estate investors in purchasing off-plan properties for sale in Dubai directly from developers.

AI Property Portal In UAE
Unleash the universe of possibilities, by getting the perfectly matched properties for sale in Dubai. Find the best investment to optimize capital and grow!

It is just like looking to book hotel rooms through Airbnb, the investors can purchase properties using this new platform by Realiste as mentioned in Arabian Business. Customers get the leverage to choose and then purchase property based on their specifications, investment limitations, and expected returns on investment. Just like making online bookings for hotels or ordering a taxi through applications.

Property Purchase has become a whole lot easier and fun!

AI-powered Property Marketplace set to break Property Purchase records.

AI Property Portal In UAE
Life becomes easier when investors don’t have to struggle for property hunting, finding the best possible properties to invest in and understand the prices scale changes over time.

Digitalize your lives by making use of the AI-powered Property Marketplace, where you are just a click away from buying the perfectly matched properties. Over a short period of time, more than 60 off-plan properties are sold in Dubai directly through agreements with the property developers. Shifting from the offline property market to an online property purchase is going to take some time but it is a major evolution in the UAE real estate market.

The Russian-origin founder of AI proptech relocated from his home country to Dubai in February last year. His latest creation of proptech has tremendously gained popularity amongst investors who intend to wrap property purchase deals online through a transparent yet credible portal. Primarily the new AI-powered Property Marketplace was set to offer accountability, transparency and serve as a verified source for making off-plan property purchase decisions in Dubai property.

AI Property Portal In UAE
Elevating the real estate market game and strengthening investor trust through a credible and verified portal, where users can directly connect with property developers.

A big way to support the Dubai Government and elevate the Real Estate Property Market to reach new heights.

Real estate investors are the primary target of the new AI property portal, aimed to boost investments in Dubai real estate. AI aims to help the foreign and local investors to manage easy access to apartments for sale in Dubai and yet save excessive time on research. The investors can access complete information regarding price growth, potential returns on investments, and prerequisites of purchase while planning to invest in property using the portal. It is seen as the most awaited Emirates Portal IT solution, to boost Dubai’s residential property market by stimulating the increase in capital inflows clocking deals on a daily basis earning millions of dollars.

image 4 2
New real estate developments and apartments for sale are all updated on the new AI property portal to serve as a massive marketplace for investors to plan their future investments based on predictions and estimations.

Predictive Modeling by AI Property Portal

Predicting future trends in the real estate market through analyzing larger data pools.

The AI Property Portal in UAE offers Predictive Modelling which helps in managing to estimate demand for different types of property, prices of property, and futuristic market trends. Meanwhile, an AI-powered property marketplace aims to statistically analyze and scrutinize large figures to help investors and developers in making property predictions.

Consequently, investors will be equipped with appropriate decision-making information before they actually invest in property. Currently, massive research is conducted by investors or through realtors to ensure that they have suitable property evidence before aiming to optimize capital.

image 4 3
Seek complete details regarding off-plan properties for sale through the online AI Portal to estimate, scrutinize and decide the best property for investment.

AI Portal’s Data Accumulation Feature

Accumulate, Scrutinize, and Strategize Features.

AI has an inbuilt system to accumulate data regarding the housing market and scrutinize and filter it. Eventually, the system will automatically highlight the overpriced properties, underestimated districts, returns on investments, areas going popular and areas coming down in the real estate market, etcetera.

Furthermore, the price history of any asset or area can be showcased, to calculate the returns on investments for users in the upcoming 1, 2, or 3 years to come. In addition to the aforesaid, their investment decisions for purchasing properties in Dubai are concluded including the estimated rental yields.

image 4 4
A new AI portal has changed the Dubai Real Estate Market dynamics, offering unparalleled features, and making property deals easier.

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Stay tuned for more information!

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