Google’s Bard for Arabic Speakers – Generative AI speaks 16 languages.

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Generative AI

The generative AI platform of Google, Bard achieves another milestone with groundbreaking advancement by launching in Arabic, and it can recognize 16 dialects.

Generative AI 
Google’s Bard for Arabic Speakers - Generative AI speaks 16 languages.

Google Bard has been launched in Arabic along with numerous other dialects.

Arabic is challenging compared to other languages due to its complexity and pronunciation. There have been several challenges in communication, as it was conventionally written in a classical Arabic form. Moreover, many Arabic speakers have been using a combination of English numbers and Numbers to express their views effectively by resorting to “Arabeezy”.

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Google’s Arabic Bard – Generative AI speaks 16 languages.

The generative artificial intelligence is programmed to understand multiple languages to cater to the needs of individuals from colloquial dialects which include; Saudi Arabic, Emirati, and Egyptian.

Google has mastered recognizing the language intricacies and barriers and managed to align those objectives with Bard to be able to distinguish dialects. Google’s artificial intelligence program is unique in its way. It has undergone multiple checks and now can share replies in Modern Standard Arabic.

Google’s Bard is a generative ai that can comprehend code-switching, incorporating one Arabic language and another one. Linguistic practices of Arab speakers are being catered to by this feature special the ones from the Levant region. The region is famous for using a blend of multiple languages.

The user interface of Bard in the Arabic language is very skilfully and thoughtfully designed to support the script from right to left. It provides a user-friendly experience aligning with the expected flow of Arabic. Google’s generative artificial intelligence program, Bard was launched in May as an initial global artificial intelligence system in English.

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Google’s Bard for Arab Speakers

Google Bard is leveraging the power of generative artificial intelligence which is based on PaLM2 technology. It came up as an experimental development where they were able to create and generate new content, by collaborating with artificial intelligence. Through simplifying topics, you can directly jump into the world of technology, explore new algorithms, a new set of possibilities, and leverage the power of artificial intelligence.

What does AI Lack?

On the contrary, over the years there have been many advancements leading to the increase in Arabic typing, and “Arabeezy” will not be understood by Google’s Bard. Initially, there were Arabic language keyboards on the devices which have been now replaced.

Arabeezy was used traditionally when there were keyboards and systems that didn’t support the Arabic language. Although there may be some people still using it, the usage is not increasing.

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What has been the effect of the ChatGPT launch?

In November ChatGPT was launched which led to a bombardment of similar generative ai platforms attracting millions of users around the world. Apart from just serving as content-generating tools, these are being used in a wide range of areas like creating artwork and condensing webpages which are a lengthy and complex subject simplification. Although it is believed that the human mind is still the master behind all these inventions but generative artificial intelligence can generate ideas a lot faster.

What are the features of Google’s Bard Generative AI?

Google’s Bard in Arabic comes with an extended range of features where some of them are helpful in enhancing creativity. The features are as mentioned below:

  1. Responses of Google’s Bard can be heard out loud upon clicking the sound icon.
  2. Google’s Bard history can be saved, modified, and organized.
  3. There is an option to share Bard’s response links with friends.
  4. Python codes can be exported to Google Colab and Replit which are online integrated settings.

What are the latest updates for Google’s Bard?

There are a few other features where the ability to change Bard responses to uploaded images is analyzed using Google Lens and generate a response. As opposed to ChatGPT, Bard has the ability to consistently update itself with the latest information but not in real-time. ChatGPT on the other hand has the database since September 2021.

The Regional Director of Google MENA, Najeeb Jarrar talked about Bard in an exclusive interview where he mentioned that he is not really well-equipped with knowledge of other tools but for Google Bard, he has complete surety. According to him, Google’s Bard is the most competitive artificial intelligence program and tool which has the capability to be creative in multiple dialects.

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How is Google’s Bard Different from Other Generative AI Tools?

English language is vast and so is the wealth of information in that language. Moreover, you will see and find people developing large language models and working on generative artificial intelligence tools in English. The differentiating point for Google Bard is that it works in the most complicated and complex languages whereas other generative ai platforms do not.

Over the past 20 years, there have been deep research and development to help Arabic speaker use artificial intelligence tools which assists them in multiple ways. One of the major use of Google AI is to help slash congestion and control traffic lights in the United Arab Emirates. The drive for AI advancements was initiated by Google in the year 2014. During this time Google took steps to enhance the artificial intelligence systems by incorporating GBoard Keyboard on Android, optimizing search through sentence completion, improvements in Google Translate, and significantly improving Google Lens. All these fixtures helped progress and advances in the Generative AI field.

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Over the years great initiatives have been undertaken by Google to improve the Arabic capabilities through improvising technology, as per Jarrar. From the very beginning of its research days, Google has been working to consistently improve and upgrade its technology of Gmail, Android, Google Images, Google Translate, and Google’s Bard is similar in terms of technological advancements.

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