UAE Visit Visa 2023 – Processes, Costs and Types

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UAE Visit Visa

What do you need to know about the different types of Visit Visa processes, costs, and types? We have all the details to apply for a UAE Visit Visa.

Penny Realty Real Estate is the most trusted real estate in Dubai bringing the most important and latest news for readers. Over the passage of time, the tourism industry in Dubai has flourished so has real estate in Dubai, generating huge incomes from various sources of income. The tourism Industry and Investments are the great and most important sources of income for Dubai.

The UAE government has been working to attract more visitors, professionals, tourists, and residents to the country through implementing various visa schemes.

Ambitious tourism targets have been launched in UAE, which are aimed for the purpose of attracting investments worth $123 billion. Moreover, improve the economy to a higher level by 2031 with 40 million hotel guests a year.

Here is what you need to know all about the visa processes, costs, and types, especially for visitors looking from among several choices to make their way to the United Arab Emirates.

UAE Visit Visa

Are you looking for a Visit Visa for Job Search?

If you are a young and talented professional seeking an expat visit visa for the purpose of exploring employment opportunities for multiple visits, without a guarantor or a host living within the country. There are certain specific requirements like:

  • Passport Copy with minimum 6 months validity,
  • University Degree
  • Personal Photo

Application Process for UAE Visit Visa for Job Search

Application through various digital channels like smartphones and websites requires a login to the Smart Services System through a username or a UAE Pass. Subsequent to the login, one must search for a job service you are looking for followed by signing an application form to fill in the necessary data. Once all the details are entered, pay the service fee, if any is required.

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Forms and Fees for Visit Visa for Job Search

The automated turn ticket is generated, Once your turn comes you must submit the application fulfilling the documents and condition requirements followed by paying a service fee. Next in line is the Amer Service Centre where another form is submitted with all documents and conditions. Usually, the fee for application of a visit visa for a job search for a period of 60 days is AED 200, 90 days is AED 300, and 120 days is AED 400. Moreover, there are financial guarantees required where there is a separate payment for security that is AED 1000, Fee collection, and Guarantee return of AED 40 while the warranty service fee is AED 20.

On the contrary, there are additional fees for those applying through a sponsor living within the UAE. The Innovation fee and Knowledge fee are AED 10 each respectively, while the fee inside the UAE is AED 500.

Are you planning to apply for a Multiple Entry Tourist UAE Visit Visa?

The UAE Multiple Visit Visa is for those ex-pats who require a tourist visa meant to be used for several visiting trips, with a validity of five years without any host or guarantor for the purpose of visa application. There are some of the pre-requisites of application for the Multiple Visit Visa which include:

  • A valid Healthcare Insurance
  • A Personal Photo
  • A bank statement for the past 6 months
  • A round-trip ticket
  • A passport copy (passport valid for 6 months)
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Application Process for the UAE Multiple Visit Visa

The application process is the same for the UAE Multiple Visit Visa or Dubai Visa where the initial steps start from logins to Smart Service System digitally, Customer Happiness Centres, and Amer Service Centres. Once all the forms are filled, documents provided and information sought, the fees are paid – move to the next step. The application fee for a 30-day multiple-visit visa is AED 300, 60-day is for AED 500 and 90-day fees is for AED 700.

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On the contrary, there are financial guarantees including an AED 20 warranty service fee, an AED 2000 financial guarantee amount, and a fee collection and guarantee fee of AED 40. There are separate charges for health insurance which include; securing visit visas for 30 days for AED 40, 60 days for AED 60, and 90 days for AED 90. Furthermore, there are additional fees associated if an inside sponsor is involved with a knowledge and innovation fee of AED 10 each and an inside country fee of AED 500.

UAE Visit Visa for Exploring Business Establishment Opportunities

The visit visa for business establishment opportunities without a sponsor or guarantors within UAE to gain entry, and research by exploring business opportunities.

There are certain requirements for the application process which include:

  • A valid passport copy (minimum 6 months validity)
  • A personal photo
  • Investment evidence

The application process is the same as that for a visit visa for job search and multiple entry. On the contrary, there is a different fee for different time spans of validity; 60 days for AED 200, 90 days for AED 300, and AED 400 for a 120-day visit visa for business opportunities. Furthermore, the security fee amount is AED 1000, warranty service is just AED 20 and the collection fee and guarantee fee are AED 40. The additional fees for the business opportunity search will be the same as mentioned in the above cases.

Application for (Multiple-Entry) Visa for Truck Drivers

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Multi-entry visa for truck drivers

Multiple-entry visit visa is a requirement for truck drivers for Dubai visits who have to transport goods and materials between land ports and require entry by the embassies of countries abroad. The requirements for this visa are slightly more than the previous ones, which are;

  • Driving License,
  • Vehicle License
  • Personal photo
  • Passport copy
  • Demonstration of affiliation with the domestic company engaged with the transportation of goods and materials.
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The process of application is the same but the fee slightly differs. The 30-day visit visa fee is AED 300, the 60-day fee is AED 500 and the 90-day fee is AED 700. Financial guarantees include AED 2000, a warranty fee of AED 20, and a collection fee with a return guarantee of AED 40. On the contrary, the health insurance charges include; 30, 60, and 90 days with payments of AED 40, 60, and 90 along with the additional fees.

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