Best 5 Ways to Sell Property in Dubai

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Best 5 Ways to Sell Property in Dubai

Learn about the best 5 ways to sell property in Dubai and plan your future with Penny Realtor Estate.

Dubai is a hub for Best Real Estate Market Development and Investment, with its ever-increasing demand for property. Penny Realty Real Estate brings the best real estate UAE market advice for clients in search of trusted real estate in Dubai.

Are you looking for ways to sell property in Dubai?

It is a very stressful process for sure. However, we will provide a step-wise breakup of the entire process of selling property just for you. All we want is smooth task accomplishment when it comes to selling property in Dubai.

Best 5 Ways to Sell Property

Things to do before putting Property Up for Sale

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Confusion surrounds those who are going to sell the property for the first time. Here is a list of things you need to ensure before you really sell property in Dubai.

1. Consult a Trusted Real Estate Agent

Ensuring that the agent is registered with RERA, a Real Estate Regulatory Agency to manage apartment/villa sale or purchase. Abiding by real estate business ethics and principles is truly necessary to ensure professional work dealings, honesty, and trust. All these details are available on the Penny Realty Real Estate website for trusted real estate in Dubai knowledge.

Every registered agent has a RERA card as surety of their eligibility. While opting for an agent ensure that he has a valid card, a good idea of real estate market trends for the area your property is located, and is professional in his dealings. Generally, real estate agents dealing in the property have knowledge of all the major property areas however this may not always be the case.

Is it easy to Sell Property in Dubai?

It becomes easier after strategies are aligned with goals.

Real estate agents must be aware of the current prices, interest rates, and market investment trends to be able to you regarding the best time for selling. Market research is the key to getting the best price for a property.

2. Agreement Process with Real Estate Agent

It is essential to sign a binding agreement based on Form A which is one of RERA’s official property selling forms. It binds the real estate agent and seller in an agreement where the mandate and brokerage of your property are to be ensured by the real estate agent as mentioned on the Penny Realty Real Estate online forum.

The form includes essential details like Agent commission, service charges, property details, mortgage status, payment schedules, and listing details.

After successfully signing the agreement form, it is submitted to Trakheesi System for approval. Once it is submitted, a permit number is issued followed by an allowance for property advertisement.

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Appealing Property for Potential Buyers.

Without advertisements nobody will know that you are selling a property therefore here is where Penny Realtors come into play. They have a great property listing for selling and rents and much more. The platform provides great property options for buyers interested in real estate investment. The real estate agent appointed will upload the property on various portals like Penny Realty Real Estate, social media platforms, newspapers, and other advertising platforms.

3. Advertising your Property for Sale

Focus on Presentation is an essential pre-requisite while marketing a property to potential buyers.

Your property should look Good! Period.

3D imagery, photographs, and aesthetic visual representation is a plus when you want to stand ahead in line. Once you are cleared at the first step, chances are that potential buyers will start pouring in for viewing given the availability of platforms that are trusted real estate in Dubai.

Prepare the Property for Sale. You can undertake some of the key aspects into account and ensure the needful.

  1. Cleanliness is essential for people to like your property.
  2. The property premises should be clutter-free.
  3. Add décor to make it more aesthetically attractive to buyers.
  4. The property should look bright, maybe open windows or pull-back curtains to make it airy.
  5. Fix and adjust things that need to be taken care of.
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4. Finding the Right Property Buyer

Once the buyers are interested in purchasing your property you must move to the next step of the process explained by trusted real estate agents. Get Form F signed. It is a Memorandum of Understanding between the seller and the buyer which serves as the sales contract for the property being sold. The contract contains all the terms and conditions applied for the sale and purchase of property agreed upon by both parties. The details include the payment schedule, selling cost, property details, transfer date, and other minuscule details of the agreement.

The contract serves to bind both parties into an agreement legally, where the witness is the agent. It is critical to read the contract in detail to ensure that no detail is overlooked. Once all things fall into place, a commitment to purchase is made when the purchaser makes a down payment to the seller.

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5. Transfer of Ownership and Title of Property

This is the last stage for Selling Process which has been clearly described in detail in our blog.

This stage required some documentation to be completed and then you are good to go!

Here are the 5 best ways to Sell Property In Dubai

– Figure out the Right Time to Sell Property

There is always a right time to sell Real Estate in Dubai.

Through conducting market research and industry trends, a seller must ensure that he is selling his property at a good profitable price. Each year the sale and purchase trends of property according to economic situation change. Therefore, sellers must ensure market trends and returns are in their favor before selling property.

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– Find the Best Realtor Websites?

Choose the best realtor websites available on the web. It is better to scroll through multiple options so it gets easier to plan and post advertisements for a property on those platforms. They help in increasing the chances of a sale at a profitable price. Some of the most incredible websites that can help in publishing property listings include:

– Marketing on Social Media Platforms

Social Media Marketing is the most popular means of marketing products, services, and properties. You can access and deliver your messages to your target audience with just a click. Social Media Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook help in posting content related to the property being sold where the buyers can directly come in contact with the sellers.

– Visual Representation Matters

It is essential that you prepare the property for sale as already described above. Properties that are well-represented have greater chances of being sold.

– Seller Availability in Person

The seller must be present to be able to ensure a smooth process of property transfer to stay safe from any fraud.

Penny Realty Real Estate is the most trusted real estate in Dubai bringing clients the most satisfying property advice that is most suitable for them according to the prevalent real estate UAE market conditions.

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