Top 3 Priorities for UAE, set by Sheikh Mohammed to double the country’s GDP

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Sheikh Mohammed

Top 3 Priorities for the UAE Government, Sheikh Mohammed has devised a strategic plan for economic expansion, and double the GDP.

The National Agenda for the next year was set at the UAE Government’s Annual Meetings. There were top 3 Priorities for UAE, set by Sheikh Mohammed to ensure economic expansion and double the UAE GDP.

Sheikh Mohammed
The UAE Annual Agenda is to ensure strategically planned procedures to ensure an increase in revenues and double GDP by the year 2031. During the meeting, Sheikh Mohammed declared a three-point theory as the focus.

The UAE Government Annual Meetings started, chaired by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in Abu Dhabi along with the presence of 500 dignitaries, senior officials, and ministers. As per Sheikh Mohammed, to maintain economic momentum and ensure consistent development, double efforts are required in the current regional situation.

The consistent increase in UAE Gold price today, and the increase in the valuation of Dollars are set to create a lot of economic constraints throughout the world, therefore it is important to think about the future measures for economic sustenance.

Sheikh Mohammed
Economic Development and Expansion in UAE, are an essential priority of Sheikh Mohammed. Youth, sustainability projects, and economic expansion are essential for a country to flourish and grow.

UAE Annual Agenda is Testament to Continuous Economic Expansion and Progress in the UAE – The UAE Government Policies

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A time to ensure Economic Comeback – Dubai Real estate is the largest income generating industry in Dubai, is seen to experience massive global competition and thus working to proactively prepare for a major comeback. The rising prices care seen as a major issue in further investments as more competitive markets are being developed in the Middle East.

The UAE Government Policies are focusing on the three main priorities set by Sheikh Mohammed in aligning futuristic goals for development and economic expansion.

Sheikh Mohammed has affirmed that their priorities are set for the next stage, three essential pillars that will ensure economic sustenance in the UAE and maintain developmental momentum are; the promotion of sustainability projects, focus on youth, and economic expansion. The declaration of the UAE Annual Agenda is a testament to the continuous attention to detail and deep research that is conducted to maintain and sustain the economy and double the GDP.

Sheikh Mohammed reaffirmed the need to lay the foundation for the great vision of UAE’s development, which is to serve the country and its people’s interests as well as boost the national work ecosystem.

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The trends in UAE are changing as the government is shifting its hiring policies and focusing on future economic growth through empowering their youth and encouraging them to be a part of UAE’s developmental plans. The process is slow as it allows a shift and a transformation of a whole generation to become more educated, and responsible, through incorporating UAE’s values.

The purpose is to create opportunities for ensuring a more dynamic work environment. Below are the main priorities discussed in the meeting under the UAE Annual Agenda;

  • Strategic legislation and policies are essential to ensure developmental momentum for bolstering and sustaining the economy of the country.
  • Sheikh Mohammed thinks it’s essential to instill a sense of identity and responsibility in their youth to reinforce values, through supporting these projects. Furthermore, the youth should be equipped with the necessary expertise enabling them to become economically independent and create better job opportunities.
  • Refocus on developmental projects to maintain higher levels of sustainability. Meanwhile, the focus will be to ensure the preservation of resources and maintenance of the environment for upcoming generations. Ultimately, the integration of sustainability and reinforcement of UAE policies, and laws in cultivating future developmental projects is a must.

The above-mentioned policies encompass the entire economic development plan, focusing on the young generation in UAE, thereby empowering them to lead the nation in the future. The latest UAE policies devised by Sheikh Mohammed are interconnected and interrelated to ensure that one is dependent upon the other, to create a strong economic structure for futuristic growth and developmental momentum. The year 2023 is coming to an end, however, the changing global trends and dynamics have to be proactively categorized for the presentation of effectively applicable solutions.

UAE Government Annual Meeting takes place in Abu Dhabi 2023

The UAE Government Annual Meeting that took place in Abu Dhabi was primarily to present the UAE Annual Agenda for progress.

The first day of the UAE Government Annual Meetings 2023 commenced with a speech by Mohammad bin Abdullah Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs, where he addressed the achievements of the UAE in the past period.

Minister of Cabinet Affairs namely Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Gergawi where the past achievements were highlighted. As per the speech presented in the meeting, 94 percent of the projects defined for the year 2031 have been achieved already. Furthermore, the UAE was counted among the Top 10 countries listed in the Soft Power Index as well as counted in the Global Food Security Index as one of the three top regions in the entire MENA region.

In addition to the aforesaid, UAE exceedingly achieved $337 billion growth in non-oil foreign trade, along with becoming a member of BRICS groups, and ranked at the fourth position in global tourist spending.

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