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Top 5 Most Affordable Cities

Dubai ranks amongst the Top 5 Most Affordable Cities Globally for Expat Housing

Dubai Latest News Update - Dubai ranks among the Top 5 Most Affordable Cities Globally for...
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Latest UAE News

Latest UAE News – Net Zero 2050 Strategy of the UAE, will create 200,000 New Jobs

Net Zero 2050 strategy is the Latest UAE News, which explains the future of the UAE, in...
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Rixos Dubai Islands

Rixos Dubai Island Units for Sale launch by Nakheel Properties, amid Branded Residences Boom

A New Mega Project - Rixos Dubai Island by Nakheel Properties is an amazing new development in...
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Ras Al Khaimah City

Ras Al Khaimah City Real Estate News – $1.1 Billion Luxury Real Estate Expansion underway by Dubai’s Aark Developers

The latest news of Ras Al Khaimah City is about the Luxury Real Estate Expansion of the latest...
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Mid-Market Property

Dubai Real Estate News – More Mid-Market Property demand is rising in the UAE 2023, as not everyone is a millionaire

Mid-Market Property demand surges amidst the Luxury Real Estate Market. Dubai real estate...
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Dip in Oil Prices

Latest News – Fears of Decreased Demand for Oil in China and United States Amidst Dip in Oil Prices in 2023 End.

As the year 2023 ends, a dip in oil prices results in a decreased demand for Oil in China and...
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Property Market

Property Market has boomed in Abu Dhabi by a 100 percent increase in sales transactions since the past year.

A great opportunity to invest in Property - The Property Market has boomed in Abu Dhabi as...
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Tourism Industry in UAE

Booming Tourism Industry in UAE and Saudi Arabia as 33 million Leisure Visitors are expected in the year 2023

The Tourism Industry in UAE and Saudi Arabia booms as more and more visitors come for visits...
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Sheikh Mohammed

Top 3 Priorities for UAE, set by Sheikh Mohammed to double the country’s GDP

Top 3 Priorities for the UAE Government, Sheikh Mohammed has devised a strategic plan for...
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Dubai Real Estate Rents

Expert Reviews: Dubai Real Estate Rents are skyrocketing and a strain on Start-up Sector Growth 2023

Dubai Real Estate Rents are reaching the skies and it is becoming a little tough for residents...
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UAE Flag Day

Everything you need to know – Significance and Rules for Celebrating the UAE Flag Day 2023

UAE Flag Day 2023 was celebrated today, nationwide as a testament to the solidarity of the...
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Growth in Dubai Real Estate

Latest Dubai News – Sustainable Growth in Dubai Real Estate 2023

Global Preferences are shifting, as more and more people are viewing the Growth in Dubai Real...
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