Tourism Industry in UAE

Booming Tourism Industry in UAE and Saudi Arabia as 33 million Leisure Visitors are expected in the year 2023

The Tourism Industry in UAE and Saudi Arabia booms as more and more visitors come for visits in the Middle East, especially in these areas. International tourism has bounced back after the pandemic in 2019-2020 with many tourists traveling to UAE and Saudi Arabia from all over the world. According to the information provided by WTM Global Travel Report, it was expected that the number of tourists...

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Title and ownership are crucial aspects of real estate investments. Here are some reasons why they are important: Legal Ownership Clear and undisputed ownership of a property is essential for real estate investments in 2023. Investor protection requires surity that the ownership and title to the property is properly conveyed to them, providing them with legal rights and protection. A valid...

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Is Dubai a Pet-Friendly City?

Dubai is a pet-friendly city with a wide range of pet services and facilities available to pet owners, including pet grooming services. Yes, pets are groomed well in Dubai. There are many pet grooming salons and spas located throughout the city that offer a variety of services, including bathing, haircuts, nail trimming, and more. These salons often use high-quality grooming products and employ...

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