Top 5 UAE News

Top 5 UAE News – Oman offers citizenship, Visa-free travel, Saudi Tax Reform, Massive Dubai Metro Expansion, and much more along with the announcement of the UAE 2024 Holidays.

Top 5 UAE News this week includes a discussion on Oman offering citizenship, massive Dubai Metro Expansion, Saudi Tax Reform changes, and UAE Holiday announcements for 2024. The latest UAE News Updates are brought to you by Penny Realty Real Estate, which is the most trusted property expert in Dubai. UAE Public holidays for the year 2024 have been announced. The dates for the major holidays for the...

Dubai Real Estate

New Records by Dubai Real Estate Market with Dhs 216 Billion worth of Sales by Q2 2023

New records are being set for Summer 2023, as Dubai Real Estate Market sets out to gulp a major chunk of global investments. Dubai Real Estate Market has outperformed previous years and set new records by reaching sales worth a total value of Dhs 216 Billion in the first seven months. There are multiple new properties for sale in Dubai which are nearing their launch, therefore more revenues are...

Chinese Investors

Chinese Investors Rush Back with an Amazing 130% Jump into the Booming Dubai Real Estate Market

Why do you think Chinese Investors are flocking to the Booming Dubai Real Estate Market in 2023? Are they getting an increase in returns or monetary benefits? Chinese Investors Rush Back with an Amazing 130% Jump into the property market in Dubai. according to the new updates, there is a huge influx of Chinese investors in Dubai who are increasingly interested in investments in Dubai property...

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