The Best 3 Areas to Live in Dubai 2023

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Best 3 Areas to Live in Dubai

Are you searching for the best areas to live in Dubai?

Dubai is a place where everyone wants to be. Penny Realty Real Estate is here as the trusted real estate in Dubai, to look for the best 3 areas to live in Dubai 2023.

Thousands of immigrants from different regions of the world move here, with dreams of improving their lifestyle. According to the general trends seen in the past few years, initially, one individual of a family comes here and gradually tries to stabilize financially before eventually moving their families.

Best Areas to Live in Dubai

Who doesn’t want to live in the best area in Dubai?

The primary concern for every resident is to ensure security, safety, comfort, and facilities for their family. In short, a family-friendly community is a necessity for every ex-pat.

Luckily, Dubai is known for being a place that is secure and safe with trusted real estate in Dubai, there are no security breach issues. Moreover, it is a hub of real estate development which makes it easier for people to find properties on rent and sale that are budget-friendly and comfortable for a family to live in. Some of the best areas to live in Dubai are listed in the Penny Realty Real Estate online platform are:

  • Arabian Ranches
  • Jumeirah Lake Towers
  • Jumeirah

1. Arabian Ranches

An astonishingly tranquil and peaceful community positioned away from the city noises. It is known for its luxury villas offering exclusive amenities and modern architecture. The community is built in three phases segregated by numbers. Each phase has a cluster of homes with exquisite layouts and configurations which are enclosed by a gate to ensure security, safety, and comfort.

Arabian ranches are known specifically for their desert theme which evokes a feeling of living in UAE alongside access to amenities, educational institutions, parks, basketball courts, jogging tracks, and bike trails as well as a ranches souk. Since the vicinity is so inclusive and thoughtfully developed that Arabian Ranches is the first priority for people searching for the best areas to live in Dubai with family.

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2. Jumeirah Lake Towers

Expats looking for homes in Dubai will love Jumeirah if they have a preference for high-rise towers and residential buildings. Such residential towers are available in abundance in the Jumeirah Lake Towers area. It is a hub of high-rise buildings and is characterized by attractiveness and luxury offering exquisite amenities and modern architecture. Residents can access metro stations very quickly making it very easy to commute within Dubai. Different nationalities live in Dubai, each having different preferences for areas and communities.

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3. Jumeirah

Jumeirah is one of the hot favorite communities for residents in Dubai when it comes to deciding the best place to live in Dubai. It offers a unique collection of houses exclusively designed to provide a luxurious lifestyle, exceptional amenities, and modern architecture.

It features residential buildings with access to the beach. The waterfront villas provide expressively designed architecture, masterfully created spacious rooms, a swimming pool, and a lawn area that amplifies the overall package. If you are looking for an extravagant lifestyle, Jumeirah is the right place for you.

The list of exclusively sustained features and amenities is another factor that makes Jumeirah a great place to live. Residents of Dubai are generally more aesthetically conscious and have the drive to live in modern and stylish homes with all the essentials easily accessible to them.

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How do ex-pats decide which area to live in?

The reasons and factors affecting housing and residential decisions depend on multiple factors, conditions, and situational needs.

Quality of Life

Expats are struggling their way up the ladder and all they need is to maintain a comfortable lifestyle which corresponds to the visual images in mind. Comfort and Contentment describe the quality of life which includes the availability of travel, transport, personal happiness, safety, security, well-being, and health.

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Expat Life Challenges

Working abroad can be stressful sometimes, therefore it is important to create a work and life balance. In this situation, all they want is a residence that embodies serenity and peace to deal with the chaos in our minds.

Settling in a New Place

Each new place has its own story to tell, therefore each individual has their own demands and requirements for the property. A place where people are more friendly, cheerful, and welcoming, will be the right place.

Family-friendly Community

Dubai residents look for comfort and a family-friendly community so it’s easier to available facilities, access to educational institutions, and immediate childcare support available at great prices. If all your requirements are getting fulfilled then that means you live in the best area in Dubai.

Personal Finance

It is regarded as the foremost requirement for finding the best places to live in Dubai. Cost of living and daily expense calculation is necessary to see affordability. When all things fall into place, then that property is right for you. Finding the best areas to live in Dubai varies from person to person which is part of the expat life challenges.

Which areas offer better facilities to residents?

Some of the best areas to live in Dubai, apart from above mentioned one are listed below:

Al Barari

An exquisitely attractive community featuring lush green parks, luxury residences, and modern architecture that complement the aesthetic development. The community is safe and provides easy accessibility to all the important institutions, malls, and other sustainability options.

Emirates Hills

Emirates Hills is best known for its luxurious housing units which are exclusively designed to cater to the needs of families.

Palm Jumeirah

Featuring the ideal lifestyle, the best amenities, and accessible educational options are all part of the package.

Jumeirah Beach Residence

Nestling in the center of the city, it serves as a great residential option and one of the best areas to live in dubai.

People looking for the best areas to live in Dubai should know that are so many different areas that are essentially equipped with all the most commonly used amenities. It is a city where you feel luxury even when having a cup of coffee. Therefore, buckle up and start thorough research according to your budget and feature requirements, you are not far from finding the best area to live in Dubai for you.

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Research and planning are the keys to finding the best property and best facilities in Dubai.

Stay connected with the world and real estate knowledge through the Penny Realty Real Estate website which is the most trusted real estate in Dubai providing the best real estate UAE market solutions for residents and investors.

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