Great News! Dubai breaks World Records – Tallest Landmark Sign “Hatta replaces Hollywood”

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Tallest Landmark Sign

Dubai did it again! Hatta’s Tallest Landmark Sign replaces that of Hollywood, breaking World Records yet again with its great developmental projects.

Mountain marker “Hatta” bags the title of “Tallest Landmark Sign” which stands tall at 19.28 meters height amidst the Hajar Mountains, which has surpassed the Hollywood sign which stands at 13.7 meters. The newest record has been listed in the Guinness World Records.

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Tallest Landmark Sign

Hatta replaces Hollywood, with the Tallest Landmark Sign – What is next in the line?

Therefore, in order to make things even better, Dubai Management has been working vigorously to implement new policies, and launch new activities for visitors and residents. It is all for the well-being of UAE tourists and residents. Supreme Committee has implemented the latest projects and oversaw the development of Hatta, under the directives provided by the Ruler of Dubai and Vice President of UAE; His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Moreover, there has been constant guidance and support from Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

In order to catalyze the economic, social, and educational development of the UAE over the next 20 years, Sheikh Mohamad has launched the Hatta Master Development Plan.

A Supreme Committee was created to ensure and implement the features of the Urban Design Manual which forms the basis for mountainous topographic regions’ evolution and design.

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Some of the most well-planned and well-researched to induce future growth and expansion in UAE.  The current projects include programs for supporting local farmers, providing solutions for streamlining traffic, introducing mountain bike tracks, and cycling tracks, and a marketplace for the sale and purchase of local products. Furthermore, efforts are being initiated to redevelop Hatta Heritage Village which represents rich history and traditional artifacts along with the development of Hatta Beach Resort for a contemporary urban life blend.

Movement Solutions for Streamlining Traffic for Hatta Residents and Visitors by Dubai Management

Hatta Residents and Visitors should get ready for an incredibly amazing Lifestyle

These measures are planned to ensure and enhance transportation within and between areas. New shared and public solutions to mobility issues are presented including express bus services between Dubai and Hatta, mobility hubs, vehicle rentals, electric scooters, and e-hail services.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Committee has undertaken measures to ensure the safe implementation of quick traffic solutions, parking in key tourist parks and sites as well as undertaking new launches and public conveniences to assist visitors.

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Local Farmers Support Measures

UAE leaders have given special directives to ensure the provision of business opportunities for the Hatta residents. Moreover, working for the development of the region is guided by the Supreme Committee which helps in the expansion of local farmer guidance programs, marketing platforms, and resources. Meanwhile, seeds, seedlings, and fertilizers will be provided to the farmers, along with skilled training, project management capabilities, and craftsmanship to enable farmers to grow, take business advantages, and invest in future opportunities.

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Hatta Souk for Residents and Visitors

Hatta Souk is the future marketplace, which is underway in its construction. Primarily, the aim of this construction is to ensure that local residents are able to sell and buy its products as well as serve as a platform for farmers. Hatta Souk has contemporary architecture, with a seamless blend of traditional designs which is built using natural and manmade construction materials. In addition to the aforementioned, it will serve as a local marketplace for local fruits, vegetables, and other products. Not only that, there will be entertainment areas, restaurants, and cafes along with food court spaces.

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Hatta Beach Project

The Hatta Beach Project is an effort to raise the status of the area, to make it a more tourist-friendly destination. Furthermore, there will be the launch of an artificial lake, Crystal Lagoon to give a luxurious outlook to the entire locality. Meanwhile, the Hatta Beach Project waterfront is meant to accommodate leisure, world-class amenities, entertainment service, top-notch facilities, and tourist activities.

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Hatta Heritage Village

Hetta Heritage Village is in the process of reconstruction and renovation to highlight the rich history, culture, and customs of Hatta. The antique village has 30 ancient buildings, opened in 2001. The old culture is revived through the reconstruction of buildings and huts to sell traditional ware and bring life to Dubai’s heritage. Furthermore, The Hatta Heritage Village is built to link its value to its origin through planting mud and palm trees, and the use of mountain stones for building to make it resemble an ancient old village.

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Hatta Campaign

The Hatta Campaign for historical monuments is aimed to entail Hatta South Tower and Hata North Tower, which is meant to highlight historical monuments. There are two main forts in the Hatta region including Al Hara Fortress and Mountain Fortress. These fortresses have ancient irrigation systems named Davidic Aflaj. Along with the above-mentioned, there are 7 more massive water channels to facilitate and streamline the underground water flow.

image 1 13

Natural Attractions in Hatta

There are plenty of natural attractions for tourists and visitors which can be completely revamped to highlight Hatta’s scenic natural landscapes. There are incredibly picturesque mountains in Hatta, along with breathtaking views of valleys like Wadi Jema, Wadi Hatta, Wadi Al Hattwi, and Wadi Al Majarra. The Hatta campaign is aimed to showcase Hatta’s parks which include hillside gardens which are located on Hatta Hill which is a residential area, including Tallah Park. It is a unique park that offers a beautiful green view, incredible ambiance, and great facilities.

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