Multiply Group’s $100 Million investment in Breakwater Energy

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Multiply Group's 100 Million investment in Breakwater Energy

An investment of $100 Million was made by Multiply Group in Abu Dhabi, where 25 percent of shares of Breakwater Energy Repsol were bought.

Penny Realty Real Estate brings you yet another exciting and amazing news regarding the energy sector in UAE. Yet another investment to bring the best to UAE.

The news breaks and makes headlines, as the Multiply Group becomes a shareholder in one of the cost-generative and exceedingly profitable American companies which hold 25 percent stakes in Repsol.

Multiply Group is an Abu Dhabi-based company that acquired a minority interest in Breakwater Energy which is a Houston – Texas-based company. An amount of AED367 million was paid which is equivalent to $100 Million.

Multiply Group's 100 Million investment in Breakwater Energy
Celebrating new investments. Moving a step further towards efficient energy production and consumption.

The investment was done under the Multiply Group’s sector-agnostic arms which are entitled Multiply+. The investment will serve as a cash-generative and lucrative asset investment in a diversified group that is known for its higher revenue generation. Breakwater Energy is a global upstream group with reserve life and gas-weighted exploration.

Multiply Group's 100 Million investment in Breakwater Energy
Joining hands with Breakwater Energy for better global energy sector solutions.

EIG is one of the leading investors in infrastructure sectors and global energy and has acquired a 25 percent stake in Repsol E&P. Breakwater Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of EIG which is known for the gas-weighted exploration and oil business. The news was taken up by Arabian Business and multiple other platforms along with Penny Realty Real Estate.

The acquisition process was initiated and completed in March when Breakwater Energy took over 25 percent of the total valuation of $4.8 Billion including the debt. Whereas, Repsol was left with the remaining 75 percent of the stakes. The transactional proceeds of acquisition will be deployed by Repsol to expand its low-carbon platforms worldwide. It is essential to note that Repsol is a globally diverse platform comprising of operational presence in 15 countries with a 550000 boe/d of production.

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How does Multiply Group intend to capitalize on Repsol’s investment?

The investment is a means of expanding business growth and capitalizing in the emerging energy market. Repsol and EIG predict great potential in the business and intend to uplift growth in the US industry from the year 2026 onwards.

Samia Bouazza who is the Managing Director and Group CEO of Multiple Group, Abu Dhabi has mentioned it clearly that the investment in Repsol E&P is a great measure to augment and elevate Multiply+ portfolio unfolding mid-to-short term horizons and surplus paying reserves.

Furthermore, the management at Repsol has a proven track record that provides inordinate confidence in the collective and communal capacity to execute ambitious plans of Breakwater Energy Repsol.

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Is the $100 Million investment worth it?

Penny is always ahead in providing the latest news updates and information that provides insights into the current investment market situation in UAE.

Through cultivating an exponentially cutting-edge acquisition strategy, Multiply Group intends to deliver quality and reach high value in the field of energy. On the other hand, Repsol has initiated its incredible plans for ensuring a well-positioned investment to be utilized in low-carbon energy products.

The ultimate goal of both allies is to elevate the energy sector in the United Arab Emirates and the Us. As per the CEO of EIG, R Blair Thomas, there have been fundamental changes in the energy industry that require critical thinking, evolution, and transitioning into the new technological era that ensures capital allocation, optimal profitability, and asset stewardship.

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What is the function of Multiply and Multiply+?

There are two different domains being covered by Multiply and Multiply+.

Capital has been deployed against these distinct sections. The core verticals for Multiply are currently operating in energy and utilities, mobility, media, communications, beauty, and wellness. On the contrary, Multiply+ targets double-digit revenues and yields on asset classes.

Last year, Multiply Group invested Dhs 10 billion in TAQA which is an Abu Dhabi National Energy Company. The TAQA company announced another investment in SWS Holding company which amounted to Dhs 1.7 Billion further expanding the waterwork treatment business and network. The major investment consequently boosted TAQA’s place as Abu Dhabi’s fully integrated and unified utility.

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The probable listing of EIG and Repsol’s new business will be in 2026 in the United States according to Multiply Group.

Breakwater Energy is a subsidiary of EIG, which is a global energy sector institutional investor. Holding a huge capital amounting to $23.5 under management this giant acquired 25 interest in Repsol Upstream with a $4.8 Billion total transaction. On the contrary, Repsol still has a 75 percent share in the assets.

The main investments of Multiply Group are in sectors like Media, Communication, Mobility, and Energy, along with Wellness and Beauty.  Another major investment of Multiple Group is the amount of $6.1 Billion in DEWA’s IPO along with an investment of $2 Billion in Borouge’s IPO.

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EIG and its Contribution to Global Energy Sector

EIG has devoted its revenues to approximately 400 companies and projects in 42 countries which makes the total investment $44.3 billion in the energy sector. It specializes in energy-related infrastructure worldwide. The company holds offices around the world in countries like London, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro, Houston, Sydney, and Seoul.

Being the world’s leading institutional investor EIG has $23.5 Billion under its management for the year 2023, according to statistics for infrastructure sectors and global energy. Furthermore, the client list for EIG consists of insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds in Europe, Asia, and the U. S., endowments, and pension plans.

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Repsol and its Contribution to Global Energy Sector

One of the leading multi-energy companies that work globally in the energy transition – Repsol is working efficiently to improve the global energy sector.

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Repsol is destined towards the goal to become a net zero emissions company by the year 2050. Moreover, it employs 24000 people presenting an energy value chain that distributes products to 24 million consumers in more than 90 countries.

In order to achieve its goals and targets, Repsol has committed to its working model and integrated its technologies to ensure efficiency. They strive to improve efficiency by increasing renewable electricity generation capacity. In addition to the above-mentioned, the company has devised cutting-edge projects, production of renewable fuels, and focused on the circular economy.

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