Is it worth buying property in UAE now?

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Thinking of buying property in UAE now? What kind of property are you looking for?

Penny Realty Real Estate brings you the best selection of properties for clients!

Is it worth buying property in UAE now?
Dubai Property Prices are going to surge in the near future, as more and more properties are being developed over time.

There are numerous reasons for investing in Dubai Property which will be discussed in this blog. UAE offers the best life to everyone who is in search of seeking for opportunities for monetary growth, enjoyment, cultural diversity, fame, and travel. All these sectors are expanding and developing progressively as UAE plans to launch new projects to increase economic prosperity.

Dubai is the perfect place to buy property!

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Why is Dubai the perfect place for buying property in UAE?

Top 7 Reasons for buying property in UAE

1. Tax-Free Zone

High-tax expenses were a major concern for investors previously. However, now things have changed as Dubai has declared it to be a Tax-free zone for investors and stakeholders, to maximize profits on funds.

Particularly this transformation of tax policies is both for companies and individuals seeking to optimize returns on investments.

UAE is a heaven for wealth stakeholders around the world who are seeking secure and profitable opportunities for investments. Offering unique opportunities like no capital tax gains, no income taxes, and no property taxes with minimal tax liability.

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2. Booming Economy

Pro-business policies and valuable location provide the superlative economic condition to initiate rapid post-pandemic progress. UAE attracts businesses, tourists, trade, and commerce from all over the world.

Entrepreneurs are interested in Dubai’s real estate market owing to the exponential growth construction sector, economic expansion, and sales of residential luxury and commercial properties. According to the latest surveys, a 67 percent increase in foreign property investment has been noted as more townhouses and villas get into demand. The dubai property prices will increase gradually.

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3. Off Plan Properties for purchase

Off-plan properties are generally cheaper in price as compared to completed properties. Therefore, the opportunities for generating optimal returns on investment through these properties are a prodigious bargain for buyers and sellers of properties.

With the implementation of favorable laws by the Dubai government, the investment process has benefited the buyers immensely. Penny Realty Real Estate is one of the emerging platforms for property dealing in Dubai, offering many options for buying and selling completed and off-plan properties. From Luxurious villas which are the epitome of extravaganza to the luscious spacious apartments and townhouses, Penny Realty has got you covered.

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4. Potential for Future Growth

Future Expectations for Dubai Property Prices to Grow!

The Dubai real estate market is progressively growing, dubai property prices are increasing and is expected to excel further by 46 percent in the year 2023. As per the real estate statistics, the future cost of real estate in this beautiful city is predicted to rise by 29 percent in the year 2023.

The real estate market trends in Dubai are growing upwards, the prices are surging by 10 percent to 15 percent. On the contrary, 46 percent of overall growth is anticipated.

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5. Lowest Crime Rate

The crime rate in Dubai is the lowest around the world primarily because of the fact that people in Dubai are financially stable and well-off. They are less probable to involve in any criminal actions and wrongdoings. Foreigners and natives feel free and safe in Dubai due to a well-defined, organized, and coordinated governing system.

The crime rate in Dubai is down by 63 percent and is regarded as the safest city in the world based on crimes and misconduct. Regarded as the most luxurious lifestyle, with stunning beaches, towering skyscrapers, and a whole lot of extravaganzas. In spite of its allure, attraction, and beauty, it is not immune to crime and wrongdoings.

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6. Crypto payment while Buying Property in Dubai

Dubai allows buyers to pay in crypto, aligned with the vision to become World’s Crypto Capital. Dubai Real Estate market accepts transactions in cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins along with meeting other legal requirements. The most widely used cryptocurrency nowadays is Bitcoin Swiss specially meant for brokerage usage, making it the best choice for investors looking for properties in Dubai.

Investors have multiple options for buying villas, commercial properties, apartments, and townhouses using Bitcoins. This helps in ensuring that the transaction process is hassle-free, efficient, quick, and secure

7. Proper Regulations in the Market

One of the most transparent markets in the world is Dubai. It is acknowledged amongst North African and Middle Eastern regions. It is currently progressing with no sign of decline in the near future. With the implementation of new procedures and numerous flourishing new aspects in the pipeline, Dubai real estate doesn’t sieve to inspire investors with the latest upcoming projects.

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Dubai has progressed immensely over the years and created a very technologically advanced occupational and commercial environment that provides great advantages to individuals planning to invest in any business.

Industries are thriving, technology has automated every business segment.

With effective investment checking tools, it has become very easy to navigate the market trends, industry performance and evaluate investment returns before actually investing in the market. Therefore, if the question remains whether or not one should buy property in UAE, then the answer would be “yes”. Currently, it is the right time to invest in property in Dubai, UAE which is the most thriving business economy in the world.

Penny Realty brings you the latest details and news regarding the real estate market to keep you aware of the prevailing situation in the industry. Our platform strives to provide the best possible advice and property options for clients. We value our clients and investors, therefore, we aim to provide first-hand and accurate information for the purpose of benefiting our clients.

Stay tuned for more blog posts with the latest information regarding the property market, investment trends, government policies, and regulations for investment returns.

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