UAE 2023 – Students Going Back to School after Summer Break

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Students going Back to School

Such a beautiful start to a new academic year, with students going back to school, showing a new zeal to take on the world, strong-headedly.

The schools are well prepared to commence back to school activities to engage the students fully and bring their innovative, creative, and imaginative minds back to academics.

Students Going Back to School

Students Going Back to School Schedule

Dubai roads are once again taken over by the “Yellow Buses” on Monday, 28th of August as schools reopen after a two-month summer break.

Students are delighted and ecstatic at the reopening of schools, and the start of a new academic year. The excitement of going back to school and meeting friends is a great feeling for children of all ages.

Students Going Back to School
The start of school, is special for 1st Grade children, as they learn to adapt to new routines and learn new things – it marks the start of serious education.

Dubai has unexpectedly seen a higher influx of students this year, as compared to the expected numbers of students in schools. With more immigrants and residents traveling to home countries in summer break, and increasing trends in airfares lesser student influx was estimated.

Zealous students eagerly share stories of their summer break, vacations to different destinations, and trips to home countries. On the contrary, there are others who are super excited to meet their old friends, classmates, and teachers. Penny Realty Real Estate is the most trusted real estate in Dubai that brings you the most amazing luxury real estate in Dubai along with the latest news updates.

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The Yello Buses are on the roads, kids are happily moving toward their school gates and meeting friends after two-months of summer break.

Students are adjusting to early morning routines, especially the ones who just started school for the first time or the students going back to school in 1st grade. The 1st grade activities are new for kids and they learn innovative things from school.

Ohh so tough… getting up early morning?!?!

Developing a morning routine is one of the most important things kids learn, that changes their lifestyles, progress rates, and efficiency. Moreover, becoming a senior student is well-anticipated by students and it creates a positive attitude.

Rebooting into the School Routine for Students Going Back to School

As summer holidays pass, new school routines commence.

It takes extra effort to reboot for students going back to school activities and back to school schedules. According to one of the students of Gems, Varen Shetty mentions that he feels good to be back to school, although getting up early was one of the main problems after the holidays. He was very excited about going back to school and meeting his friends.

On the other hand, for Indian Curriculum Schools, the new terms have begun. Therefore, for senior students, the final term exams are not that far. Furthermore, new institutions were launched across the UAE, inaugurated by some of the major school groups.

Students Going Back to School
The first day of school is the most special day for kids. Make their dreams come true so they can shine brighter.

According to Khaleej Times, the first day of school opening is a source of pride and memorable moments for school administration. Jeremy Hallum, CEO/ Principal of Gems Metropole School mentioned his happiness while discussing his spirits regarding the beginning of a new academic year.

The first day of school is a major success as students are seen to be super excited, while a heart-warming sight of parents standing to see their children rejoice with happiness to meet their teachers and friends.

Experiences of Parents as Kids Go Back To School

According to the parents’ experiences communicated to Khaleej Times reporters, it is important for them that their kids are excited and happy to go back to school.

We want our children to learn new things, have fun, and make new friends.

They feel incredibly enthusiastic and radiate excitement through new experiences, emotions, discussions, and their motivation to keep going.

Moreover, new institutions and new school groups have emerged, while some of the older ones have seen a major shift in admissions. Parents have become more knowledgeable of the latest curriculums, teaching standards, knowledge, and learning processes along with methodologies.

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Children are super excited to go back to school and begin a new academic year full of enthusiasm and excitement.

Best Schools and ever-increasing competition among the Leading School Groups in UAE.

Innoventures Education School has seen a surge in student enrolment by 16 percent, as compared to other schools. On the contrary, the surge in student enrolment across different classes has gone up by 20 percent to 40 percent. There are other schools like various branches and institutions under the GEMS group that have seen a major surge in school admissions.

GEMS Wellington International School is one of the best schools in Dubai, ranked as the top school. There are others like King’s School, Dubai International Academy, Swiss International Scientific Schools, and Jumeirah English Speaking School.

Based on the curriculum, and teaching methods, Global Indian International School was ranked at the top for the year 2023. The results revealed that the institution has gained a great reputation with respect to transformational learning. Moreover, the curriculum is based on providing a holistic development of students. Incorporating GMP and CBSE, and the best standards of knowledge and learning makes it rank amongst the best CBSE schools in Dubai in recognition of its nine Gems Holistic Frameworks.

Another remarkable school in Dubai is Gems International School in Dubai, which is known for its excellence and diversity management to provide the best quality education to youngsters. It aims to abide by international educational standards and mold according to the frequently transitioning Global environment.

New Academic Year 2023-2024

The new academic year has begun, and so are back to school activities, new back to school schedules, and the back to school sales are nearing their end.

Parents and children look happy to embark upon a new journey of learning, progressing, creating, and inspiring with cooperation from their teachers.

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