SAMANA Skyros offering a glimpse of Greece in Dubai

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SAMANA Skyros is the perfect choice for you!

SAMANA Skyros is Greece in Dubai

Are you looking for a property in Dubai?

Nestled at the heart of a thriving community is Arjan (Dubai), this property offers an unmatched living experience. The very idea of SAMANA Skyros revolves around living every day as if it were a holiday. Our property embodies philosophy ~ Enjoy your life to the fullest! 

Awe-inspiring lush greenery, private pools, and serene water features are a combination are a unique combination. Every aspect of this property personifies the beauty of a tropical vacation. 


With SAMANA Skyros, we aim to provide you with an escape from the stresses of everyday life, offering a space to relax and rejuvenate. This enchanting property in Dubai offers the right blend of serenity, peace, and luxury. Let’s have a review of all the amenities being offered in SAMANA Skyros Essence of Greece in Dubai so it becomes easier for investors to make a decision.

The concept behind this property is capturing memories with loved ones and relishing the beauty that is surrounding it. The amenities being offered include specially designed paying areas, and picnic spots where families can gather and cherish moments. Moreover, it includes an Outdoor Cinema, Sauna & Steam Room, a pool deck that is an embodiment of luxury, a Fitness Center, and a specially designed private pool in apartments. The plan doesn’t end here, they have an aesthetically designed Jogging Area at the rooftop along with a basketball court.

Amenities SAMANA Skyros

The entrance to the vicinity is awe-inspiring and an embodiment of elegance. The places immediately transport you to a magical world equipped with plush arrangements, ambient lighting along with tasteful decor offering the best place for spending quality time with loved ones.

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The Location of SAMANA Skyros

The property is easily accessible offering a couple of shopping places, and restaurants for dining and entertainment options. Being close to Sheikh Zaid Road opens up access to Umm Suqeim along with the rest of the city landmarks.

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