Sterling Tower

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Downtown Dubai

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Developer Omniyat approaches each property’s design, development, and management as though it were a one-of-a-kind piece of art. The developer works to build stunning and inspiring spaces that materialize as living canvases by keeping tight relationships with top-tier architects, engineers, interior designers, and artists from around the world. Residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail areas combine to provide an unparalleled luxury experience that is ready to meet the highest standards.

For those with a flair for luxury living, The Sterling Tower by Omniyat is a unique option. With such a prime location in Downtown Dubai Burj Khalifa District, it is the ideal option for individuals who know how to become renowned. This project includes two glittering towers and corresponding.

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The East and West Houses, which have clever architecture and beautifully designed interiors, are also part of the two towers. Both the East and West houses include 157 and 155 units, respectively, divided amongst studios, one-, two-, and three-bedroom flats, two penthouses, and seven townhouses in each structure. The Sterling Tower Luxury Apartments come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different tastes and requirements. Similarly, the Sterling Tower Floor Plans are available for cozy homes to spacious airy units and with great payment plans leaving you spoilt for choice.

Highlights & Amenities At Sterling Tower

The Sterling Tower by Omniyat, a private development consisting of two towers, is well situated in Downtown Dubai  Burj Khalifa District. In addition, the apartments in this tower have linking halls that make up the lobby. The renter will also receive shop spaces with gorgeous elevated gardens by residing in this apartment.

The sophisticated architecture and chic interior design of this tower combine to make it the perfect place for intrepid enthusiasts of excellent living. The East House and The West House, which make up this skyscraper, provide breathtaking views of Mohammed Bin Rashid City, The Creek, and the Burj Khalifa. Living in this tower allows residents to take advantage of the breathtaking views of a variety of magnificent penthouses, opulent townhouses, and bedroom flats.

Living in this tower entails entering a magical world of perfection with an architectural paradise, as well as having a utilitarian design with sparkling beauty and limitless potential. In addition to providing residents with access to the Downtown Dubai Mall, the largest shopping complex in the world, the Sterling Tower also houses more than 1,200 stores carrying more than 80 of the most sought-after luxury goods, as well as a plethora of cafes and eateries.

With Sterling Tower numerous amenities, including art and music to life, as well as a profusion of dazzling luxury dining experiences with celebrity-style nightlife and unlimited entertainment alternatives in a breathtaking environment, this tower gives an active and modern way of life to the resident.

  • Retail spaces with lush elevated gardens
  • Intelligent architecture with stylish rafted interior
  • Incredible views of Burj Khalifa
  • The Dubai Mall
  • Countless cafes and restaurants

Payment Plan

A workable 60/40 post-handover payment plan for Sterling Tower is provided, in which the purchaser makes simple installment payments. 40% over a two-year period may be paid following the transfer.

Attractive 60/40, 2-Years Post Handover Payment Plan

InstallmentPayment (%)Milestone
Down Payment10%On signing Reservation Contract – Booking Fee
1st Installment15%On signing SPA (Within 30 days from signing RC)
2nd Installment10%Within 120 days from signing SPA
3rd Installment10%Within 240 days from signing SPA
4th Installment15%On Completion Date
5th Installment20%Within 12 months from Completion Date
Final Installment20%Within 24 months from Completion Date

Location Map

The Sterling Tower is situated in one of Downtown Dubai’s most desirable neighborhoods, giving residents access to a wealth of top-notch amenities and convenient access to the city’s public transportation system. From this tower, one can easily access Cartier, Bvlgari, La Perla, and Prada, as well as Ferrari and Vuitton, where one can easily live the opulent Dubai lifestyle.

Floor Plan

A workable 60/40 post-handover payment plan for Sterling Tower is provided, in which the purchaser makes simple installment payments. 40% over a two-year period may be paid following the transfer.

Sterling Tower Gallery

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