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Pantheon Boulevard in Jumeirah Village Circle

Jumeirah Village Circle, often known as JVC, is a residential area with all the amenities a person may need. Pantheon Boulevard is among this master community’s most prominent constructions.

A low-rise, broad-structured residential building called Pantheon Boulevard displays classic architecture that has been heavily influenced by Spanish styles. The Pantheon Boulevard facade has balconies that stick out with iron railings and alternate windows that are framed by concrete.

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Rusty orange serves as the primary colour, while beige and ivory serve as accent colours to create a stark contrast. It uses a three-tone palette.The Boulevard has five storeys and 157 flats, is covered in terra-cotta roofing.

Apartments with one or two bedrooms are available for rent in the residential buildings, while the complex’s five retail stores make up its commercial properties. All apartments, whether they are for sale or rent, come with the features you need to live a contemporary, healthy lifestyle.

District 13, which is located in the southern part of Jumeirah Village Circle, is where Boulevard is located. Beverly Residences, Mulberry Mansions, and Westar Terrace Garden are nearby. 

The complex has access to the master community’s centre thanks to its location parallel to Kahraba South East Street. A new real estate developer with a base in Dubai, Pantheon Properties Development, is known for its flagship project.

Project Highlights

  • Units in a residential development that are upscale and contemporary
  • A superb selection of studios, one- and two-bedroom apartments is available.
  • 5-story residential building with Spanish-style design
  • Posh amenities and facilities are available.
  • Houses with fashionable interiors and high-quality fixtures
  • A component of a posh neighbourhood
  • Enticing payment strategies

Feature & Amenities

Indeed, Pantheon Boulevard has some of the best amenities, which will significantly improve your quality of life overall. Regarding the amenities available, you will have the chance to enjoy a truly remarkable experience.

  • Mosques,
  • Swimming pools,
  • Kindergartens, and schools
  • Medical facility
  • Space for youngsters to play
  • Bicycle paths
  • Exercise facility
  • A cricket field
  • A football field
  • Spas
  • Local basketball courts for sale

Payment Plan

The payment schedule for these apartments at JVC seems accommodating and appealing, which will largely be advantageous to buyers and investors. With the options available, you will eventually have the chance to reserve the unit of your choice.

Floor Plan

When it comes to studio, one, and two bedroom apartments, Pantheon Boulevard in Jumeirah Village Circle offers an appealing floor plan design; it is successful in resolving your main problems. The flats, which come in various sizes, pamper you with top-notch luxury and convenience.

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